First of all, here is the picture of my death wound to the Diet Coke can. The cleaner part is where the bullet entered and the torn up part is the “exit wound.” I just wanted to prove that I actually hit something. I also wanted to say that even though I have a new found love of shooting things, I am still a serious democrat.

Second, Smoky Hill High School won their third State Championship in soccer in the last four years. This year I am teaching a class called Sports and Entertainment Marketing. Needless to say, I teach a BUNCH OF SENIOR BOYS. Well in being the nice teacher I am, I try to go to their sporting events and take pictures of them. I have two students who play on the soccer team. So after they won, the crowd stormed the field of course and I took one of my favorite pictures ever. This is Adam L, and he is a senior and I feel like it is just pure joy on his face. Seriously, I love this picture.

Third, I went to my friends Jill and Jason’s wedding on Saturday. It was beautiful and Uncle Steve the dj played some killer music. Here are a few pictures from the wedding. An explanation of the cake: Jill and Jason met on a rec soccer league.

Last, I went to Justin Timberlake in September, and I love him. Here is my favorite picture of him…that sexy bitch.

My Proudest Accomplishment….With a Gun.

Rian, his dad and brother are hunters. They hunt for elk. It grosses me out, and I don’t ever want to see it or taste it, but they do it, and I am fine with it. I am not against it. Well, before you go hunting, you have to “sight in” your gun. Meaning you have to make sure that you can hit a target by looking through the scope of the gun. Rian and I headed down to Canon City this weekend to partake in this.

Since I was going, I decided that I would learn how to shoot some of the handguns that Rian’s dad has. I was nervous for a few reasons, but most notably the fact that Brett decided to tell me right before I was going to shoot for the first time, not to aim to high and hit the rocks in the distance, because the bullets could ricochet and come back and kill me. Great. So I was nervous, I was watching everyone else do it, and I still wanted to try.

We were shooting at a target that is a piece of paper that you staple to a piece of ply wood. Also, Rian’s dad put some soda cans on a tall weed for us to aim for. Brett and Rian hit the target a bunch. I think I may have only hit it twice. What you should know, is that the gun I was shooting, a 9mm, can hold 16 bullets and Rian had bought 100 bullets, so we were shooting a lot. I probably shot around 20 myself. Well, at the end, we all had one last shot at the target and the cans. Brett and Rian hit the target, no one hit the can until it was my turn. I nailed one of the cans right off that stupid weed, so then I turned my attention to the target. I hit the target and knocked it right over! It was actually a pretty awesome feeling knowing that I had hit the target and the boys didn’t.

I saved the can to show everyone my proudest accomplishment…with a gun, and surprise, surprise, Rian accidentally “threw it away” at his parents house. I think he just wanted to get rid of the evidence that I am a better shot than him. So I am waiting for his parents to take the can out of the trash, take a picture of it, and send it to me so that I can prove it.


Well, I am writing my first ever blog. I am not exactly sure who will read them, but I have wanted to do it for a long time, so here I go.

Halloween was an awesome day for me as an Auntie. Noah and Baby Addison came over to trick-or-treat at my house. Addi slept the whole time we were taking pictures, but Noah hammed it up as usual. Noah dressed up as a monkey and Addi was a tiger. It was a real jungle in my family room that day…as well as in my backyard.
For those of you who have never been to our house, we back up to open space. This means that there is a section of land builders are not allowed to touch because protected species live there. Well, when you back up to open space, apparently you will get mice in your backyard. Macy decided to do a little trick-or-treating of her own that day and caught a mouse as her treat. Then she tried to trick me and bring the mouse inside of our house. I of course freaked out, almost barfed and then managed to get her inside without her little (or enormous if you hate mice like me) treat.
Thank you for reading my first blog, and stay tuned, they are going to get so much better, I PROMISE!