Pregnant! Pregnant! Pregnant!

I can finally write about being pregnant, yay! It has been a rough couple of years, as Rian and I pretty much started trying to get pregnant right after we got married, but we are finally here! We heard the heartbeat again on Thursday, which is so awesome. Rian and I think that the doctor must think that we are so weird, because when we hear it, we get the stupidest grins on our faces and then do dumb things like give eachother high fives or knuckles or both. But who cares? We are just to excited.

I think that we have finally decided for good NOT to find out the sex of the baby. We kept debating back and forth, and I think that is the final decision. So…gender neutral stuff, here we come.

We got a bunch of baby stuff for Christmas, including the crib that we wanted from my parents, so I have been searching high and low for baby bedding I like. I want to go with a moon and stars theme. I found one that I really like, but the 4 piece set was $650! Are they crazy? That is more expensive than my own bedding. So I have been searching and searching, and the set I like the most is actually from, of all places, TARGET! They don’t have it in the stores though, so I am going to have to order it online. Here is a picture:

I really like this set because it has all of the colors that I really want to use. We also got a white crib, so it will be very cute.

Enough for now, Rian and I need to go take care of buying my car, I leased it for the past three years. I may talk about that later, why I personally think leasing and then buying HONDAS is the way to go (I think it will probably only work for Hondas and maybe Toyotas).

Why NYC is so Awesome….

I am just sitting here trying to think of all the reasons why I really like traveling to NYC (I could NEVER live there though, it’s a little overwhelming). I have been twice now, and only in December, but I love going there. There is so much to do. Here is what Rian and I (and about 29 high school kids) did on our trip:

Day 1-

  • Got into New York around 4:00
  • Had the world’s scariest bus ride to our hotel, The Sheraton New York
  • Had dinner at the world famous John’s Pizzeria
  • Free time in Times Square

Day 2-

  • Woke up at 5:30am so that we could get a good spot on The Today Show
  • Took a tour of FOX studios, this was really cool because we met a publicist for American Idol and other Fox shows, she gave us a lot of cool, juicy information
  • The kids went on a tour of the Federal Reserve, there wasn’t enough tickets for everyone so Rian and I went shopping on 5th Avenue to the coolest Apple store in the world, and most importantly Tiffany’s and FAO Schwarz
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  • Went back to the hotel to take a nap, and then at dinner at the Stage Deli. Now, they did not claim that their cheesecake was the “best in the world” or anything like that, but OMG, it was so good. You know how cheesecake is a little thick sometimes? This was the lightest and fluffiest cheesecake, and it was seriously the “best in the world according to Jennifer Kearney’s standards cheesecake.”
  • Went to THE LION KING! It was so awesome, my favorite animals were the Giraffe’s, it was so cool.

Day 3-

  • Got to sleep in a bit, until 8:00am, and then went to a really cool candy store right by Bloomingdales, called Dylan’s Candy Bar. It is owned by Dylan Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s daughter. I seriously want to open the chain in Denver, it is the best store!
  • Went to Grand Central Station to check it out. It is so beautiful inside, and there are tons of stores that you can go in. It is really busy.
  • Went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We didn’t do this last year, so I was really excited to see it. Even before you see the art, the building is beautiful and surrounded by mansions.
  • The students went on a tour of Bloomberg Financial with Rian, I stayed with the other teacher and had a yummy lunch by Bloomindales.
  • Went to dinner at Dallas BBQ right in the middle of Times Square across the street from Madame Tussauds. I personally do not like bbq, but the kids seemed to love it.
  • Went to the Top of the Rock for about a half an hour to look at the sights of the city. I didn’t see them, but two of the Heisman candidates were there at the same time as us, Time Tebow (the winner) and Colt Brennan. Some of the kids got to meet them.

Day 4-

  • Went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. For the first time ever in my life, I got a little seasick on the ferry ride out there. Not good.
  • Went to Chinatown and Little Italy.
  • Had lunch in Little Italy and then went shopping on Canal Street
  • Rian and I made it into plenty of “back rooms” in Chinatown, finally finding the best quality Chanel and Prada purses that I could find for my mom, sister and I. They are awesome!
  • Went home, flight got delayed because of snow. Rian and I parked on the top level of DIA (uncovered), and we couldn’t find our car. When we found it (10 minutes later), I didn’t have a scraper in my car, so we had to sit and let it warm up. Got home at 2:00am, in bed at 2:05am. Asleep at 2:05:30am.

Christmastime Traveling

So on Wednesday (12/5) I am leaving for New York City (on a DECA trip) until Saturday night. It JUST finished blizzarding there, so it is sure to be freezing there. Rian gets to go with us, so I am excited for that. We are going to all the typical NY stuff, but this time we are going to THE LION KING ON BROADWAY! Thank goodness that the stage hand strike is over, or else we would have not gotten to go. I am so excited, last year we saw The Rockettes which were amazing, but I am just so excited for a real Broadway show. During the trip we are also going to Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Federal Reserve, The Today Show (look for us Thursday morning), ice skating in Central Park and lots of shopping. Rian and I are going to hit FAO Schwartz so that we can get the baby a little something special. We got Noah the coolest stuffed Golden Retriever dogs last year, so maybe we will get the same thing.

The Wednesday after that (12/12) I am going to Las Vegas for a Business and Marketing teacher conference. Please, please, please let it be warm while I am there. Rian is not going on this one because it is his work Christmas party, so he wanted to stay for that. I am fine with that, I am going to try and hang out with Kai and her boyfriend Mike at night since I won’t be doing any drinking. The rest of the teachers that are going have happy hour planned out for every night already, oh well….