Soooooooo Tired

This weekend was the state DECA trip for Colorado. We go up to The Broadmoor every year for two nights and three days. I usually always get tired on this trip, and this year I didn’t expect anything different. But, I kind’ve forgot that I was pregnant. After the first night of staying up until 1:00am helping students practice their presentations, the next day I was so tired, it made me feel not so great. I just forget that now with baby, I get even more tired. So I am struggling today to say the least.

Getting Bigger (by Jenn)

We have finally reached the “More Than Halfway Through” point! I am 21 weeks today! I know that I am getting bigger and bigger by the day. Apparently high school students find it hard to understand that I am going to get much bigger. Last week, for extra credit, they got to guess the sex of the baby. They all determined it was a boy because I was “SO HUGE” already, it just had to be a boy. Real nice.

So I do know I am getting bigger, but I didn’t think it would hurt. Right after I emailed my friend Jill yesterday and told her all was well and I was having the most glorious pregnancy, I started getting cramps. They became so bad, that after school I called my doctor, he made me come in, did an exam, and then informed me that it is just “growing pains.” Basically my stomach getting bigger and bigger! Very cool, but ouch. Here is a new picture of me, taken on my laptop this morning!

WE KNOW! (by Jenn)

We DID find out the sex of the baby! It was really funny. Rian (he was the decision maker) hadn’t decided if he wanted to know or not until we were actually in the room and I had cold goop all over my belly. It was a very long ultrasound, about an hour. Finally the technician asked Rian if he wanted to know, and I wish I could describe Rian’s face. He was so excited to find out! If you want to know the sex of the baby too…email me at Until then, think pink or blue, or purple.

P.S. It isn’t a “sh-man” as my 11 year old cousin likes to tease us about. It is definitly one sex or the other!
P.P. S Sorry my blogs aren’t as incrdible as Rian’s. I will get him to write more every once in a while!

We’ve Got a First-Timer Over Here (by Rian)

So there I was, munching on a Pop Tart and contemplating how my intelligent wife can habitually misspell “definitly,” when it hits me. Our kids aren’t going to win a spelling bee if Mommy helps them practice. This realization has a snowball effect as my mind tries to comprehend that I’m going to be a father in less than five months.

I’m kidding of course, about the spelling bee. Jenn is very well equipped to help with the children’s homework in the future. She is also a very good speller. And strangely, it’s not Algebra or baking soda and vinegar, erupting volcanoes that have me concerned. My main concern is, “Do I look fat in these pants?”

I ask the question somewhat in jest partly because I already know the answer. One thing’s for sure, the first five months of pregnancy have been life altering. There are the numerous doctor visits, the planning of decorating the nursery, and most notably, the “eating for two” theory.

It seems like we’ve been to the doctor’s office 1,347 times in the last 18 months. Thankfully, I only had to “cough” twice in that time frame. I know, strange, considering we’ve been visiting OB/GYNs. Anyhoo, these visits have gone the full cycle of emotions from elation, to confusion, to sadness, to anger, to hope, to praying, and back to elation! If that seems longwinded, try living it. Now each visit consists of the doctor telling us about the next steps, me asking 17 asinine questions, and both Jenn and I giggling like school girls when we hear a heartbeat. I even went so far as to try and bribe the good doctor to induce on July 4th so I could win the office baby pool (I get the projected due date by default). Apparently you can’t plan the exact arrival of these babies unless you’re willing to go under the knife. And Jenn didn’t think it was worth getting cut up for a payout of $150. Next up is an ultrasound at which point we can find out the sex of the baby if we want. We all know which direction this is headed. Jenn and I opened our Christmas gifts on December 16th. What do you think?

I say planning the decorating of the nursery because we haven’t actually done anything yet, probably because I get easily sidetracked. We’ve changed our minds multiple times, but we now have our theme and we’re sticking to it. The downside for me is I now have to put in the work. I say downside only because I just got my Xbox Live set up in the past few days. It’s fuckin’ sweet! I had to cuss so you can truly understand the sweetness of it all. I got my first victory in the first game I played at 1am on Saturday. I beat some tool named Autobots Commander (lame Transformers reference) in NCAA College Football ’08. I rule! Sorry, off the beaten path, back to setting up the nursery. It has to be done before the end of February based on a promise to Jenn. We’ll be out of town the next two weekends, so this shouldn’t be a problem. The point on this is that the baby is coming regardless and I don’t think life slows down at that point. My hope is that baby is cool with being fed while I run the option against CU.

Eating for two!?! Where do I sign up? Normally this is referencing the mother-to-be. In my case, I’ve taken on that challenge and I’m preparing for the future. Let it be known that I have gained more weight during this pregnancy than my beautiful wife. There are numerous reasons why, and I’ll highlight a few. First, I eat everything she doesn’t finish on her plate. Don’t ask why. Maybe it’s training for when junior orders too much at a restaurant, or baby decides that pureed peas taste like shit. Either way, we can’t just throw it away. Second, have you met my friends Big Mac and Whopper? No, that’s not a crude reference to my man bits. I don’t think any more is necessary here. Every retard in the land knows that stuff doesn’t help keep your ass firm. Third, I’m allergic to the gym. Seriously, I go running and I get a huge rash on my thighs. Oh wait, that’s chub rub. Finally, there is never a bad time for ice cream. Period!

All of this is leading to one fantastically exciting conclusion, our first child! It’s been a whirlwind so far, and I’m sure it is going to get even more chaotic. Doctor visits, planning/decorating and rapid weight gain; I’ll take it all. There’s no way I’ll be prepared when July comes, but it can’t come soon enough. Jenn and I were talking about the “Purpose Driven Life” last night and she joked that my purpose right now is to stretch my shirts so she can have something non-constricting to sleep in. As I cried myself to sleep, I thought, “No. I’m here for a bigger purpose.” So here goes. We’re having twins! She’s carrying one, and I’ve got the other. It’s the only logical explanation for my current situation.

But seriously, do I look fat in these pants?

New Goal

My new goal is to try and get Rian to write a few blogs so that it is more interesting. We’ll see. If you have his email address, you should email him and tell him that you want him to write something.

I am adding a picture that I took of myself at school on my laptop. It shows how my belly is growing. I am 19 weeks today!