Cotton (by Jenn)

Today is our two year anniversary! Can you believe that? Rian and I had decided a long time ago to do the “traditional” anniversary gift idea (Josh and Melissa, friends of ours, do this and it is very fun). Here is the list of traditional and Modern gifts from

1st Wedding Anniversary

2nd Wedding Anniversary

3rd Wedding Anniversary

4th Wedding Anniversary

5th Wedding Anniversary

6th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts: Candy or Iron
    Modern Gifts:Wood

7th Wedding Anniversary

8th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts: Bronze or Pottery
    Modern Gifts: Linens or Lace

9th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts: Pottery and Willow
    Modern Gifts:Leather

10th Wedding Anniversary

Well, as you can imagine, paper for year one was easy. I got Rian a bunch of different books that were cool and meaningful. Year 2 is not that easy. My friend Becky can attest to this, I have been trying to figure out a cool cotton gift for about a month and a half. There is so many cheesy things out there that have to do with cotton. My gift ideas went from a love poem printed on cotton and put into a bottle to be thrown out to sea (thanks Beck), to a really nice spa robe, to some cool pajamas, to socks and underwear. Then I find this website :

and it is so perfect! Rian and I love relaxing in the hammocks when we go to Mexico or on our honeymoon in the Bahamas. So I start making phone calls. Lowe’s, Home Depot and Target all have hammocks online but not in the store. I get a hold of someone at Target by our house who tells me that they will be putting the hammocks out on the shelves over the weekend (last weekend). So yesterday, I go and buy the most glorious, two-person, cotton hammock and hammock stand. I am so pumped, so pumped in fact that I just had to give it Rian last night. He of course agrees, and says he wants to give me my present first because it is just so awesome. I get two presents.

1. A gift card so that I can get two prenatal massages. I was so excited, I mean so pumped.
2. A small folded up piece of paper with my gift printed on it because it hasn’t shown up in the mail yet. Guess what it is? You got that right people…Rian bought me a hammock too!

Here is the one that Rian got for me. I like the one he got for me better because it is actually from the Yucatan Penninsula (where Cancun is). It is really beautiful, and we can use the stand that I bought for it. Pretty perfect isn’t it?

Next year is leather, I am planning on getting Rian “assless” chaps. I guess I will probably get a matching pair from him.

P.S. I think that my gift tonight should be a “banana hammock”, don’t you?

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Stink Finger (by Jenn)

Funny story….Rian got to babysit Noah on Friday all by himself. He babysat from 11:00am until about 6:30pm. It sounds like it went pretty well, they did lots of playing and talking, and had “crawling chases” up and down our hall. I got home from work around 3:30pm, Rian fed Noah a bottle and we all proceeded to take a little nap. When Noah woke up, he crawled about ten feet and just stopped and sat. Rian walked by and could smell some poo poo like substance. So…

Rian picks up Noah and looks in his diaper to see if was really poo poo or just some seriously stinky gas. When Rian stuck his finger into the diaper to pull it back and look, Rian GOT POOP ON HIS FINGER! He started freaking out and dry heaving. It turns out that Noah had a little blowout. He had some poo that made it up his back and almost out of the top of his diaper. Rian washed his hands and the layed out a towel and two plastic grocery bags and then put Noah on top. Meanwhile, I am just laughing and laughing and laughing. Rian takes about ten minutes to clean Noah all up, all the while dry heaving it up and putting his shirt over his face to try and block the smell. It was seriously really funny.

Little Addi

Whitney sent me some pictures of her little baby daughter Addison today, and I just had to post them. Addi’s half birthday was this month, and she looks more and more like Whitney every day!

Check out the blankie Addi is laying on. I made that for her! It reminds me of a pink candy cane.

BK Kicks (by Jenn)

Little BK kicks like a maniac. I was blessed by having an “early kicker.” BK started kicking way earlier than all of the books said. Books say around week 18-20 you will start feeling regular kicks. I felt the first kick at week 14, and it has been pretty regular for some time now. Last night was a big night for BK though. I think he had the hiccups because I was feeling movement about every 10 seconds that lasted for about 3 minutes. Then he started kicking and I could actually see my stomach moving! Rian wasn’t home of course, and when he got home BK decided it was nap time. Also, last night was actually the first night where I couldn’t go back to sleep because he was kicking so much. I think it was because I ate pretty spicy nachos for lunch and proceeded to have heartburn for the entire rest of the day until I went to bed.

What I have also noticed about his kicks, is that he kicks when he hears music of a certain type. I have been driving Rian’s truck this week, and he had a rap/pop CD playing in his car. He kicked the entire time it was playing, so I changed the music and he stopped. I like to think it is because he likes rap, however I was telling this to some of my students today and they think it could be because he hates rap and is kicking trying to get me to turn the station. I guess we will know when the time comes.

Registering for baby…WTF? (by Rian)

The “Tummy Time Surfboard” is for me. Come on people, you saw the pictures. It needs some work. But honestly, I have to echo Jenn’s sentiments about registering for baby paraphernalia.

We rolled into the ‘RUs bounding with energy. We left tired and haggard. It started with a very thorough explanation from the sales clerk on how to register, what to register for, and common mistakes every idiot parent makes despite her elaborate dissertation on what not to get. Seventeen minutes in, I hopped the desk, punched her in the throat (no more talking), and swiped the gun. The scanning gun, ‘RUs employees don’t pack heat.

Our first stop was breast pumps…woo hoo! I mean, “Ouch.” Apparently latching up a vacuum to your boobs isn’t very appealing. So I decided to ease Jenn’s concerns and try the various models out on myself. Multiple machine hickeys and a chaffed left nipple later, we decided to wait until breast feeding class to make a final decision on breast pumps. That part of the story is made up, on to the baby bottles.

Bottle selection was easy, and took about 30 seconds. Next was grooming products. We scanned shampoo, baby powder, baby lotion, butt paste, nighttime shampoo, nighttime lotions…wait, I just typed butt paste. I’m familiar with toothpaste. And I know you apply toothpaste via a toothbrush. But what happens when you need to brush your teeth and you don’t have a toothbrush? That’s right, you use your finger. Now where are the butt brushes? Seriously? There’s no such thing as a butt brush? So I have to apply this paste using my…oh jeez, that’s not cool for me or BK. No time to dwell on the joys of baby grooming, we need a stroller.

Jenn and I had picked out our stroller weeks ago. We walked over there just to confirm we still liked it. And then a new sales clerk showed up. She started talking under the guise of making sure we knew how to work everything. The young clerk had mistakenly identified my Chevy Chase routine as being unable to properly collapse and assemble the travel system (formerly known as car seats and strollers). She was way off…sort of. She offered tips and advice, and then casually dropped in safety ratings about travel systems, slyly mentioning that the one we had picked wasn’t the best. Telling a mom-to-be that she’s not getting the best for her first unborn child is like pressuring the American people into blindly voting for a Republican out of fear of terrorist attacks. All rationale goes out the window. Needless to say, I punched the sales clerk in the throat. We stayed with the original travel system, and it’s fantastic.

We bypassed the furniture, thanks moms and dads, because our loving parents took care of that for us. Jenn selected bedding back in December, though I’m pretty sure the design was picked out 20 yrs ago when she was playing dolls and pretending to be a mom. Its new stuff, I just mean she’s been ready to buy bedding for quite some time.

The end was near. We flew through the toys section scanning wildly. Balls, bats, gyms, tummy time surfboards, books, BK can have it all. Jenn and I were ready to go. It was fun going through this process, but we needed to get out. Jenn was craving a cool treat from Sonic and her back was sore. (It’s important to note that I didn’t get anything at Sonic for myself) We staggered to the service desk where we started. The first sales clerk had just regained her voice. She counted the number of goods we had scanned, made note of how quickly we scanned 100 items, told us how many pages our registry was, explained the process for gracious people to buy items off of the registry for baby showers, gave us a welcome packet, and described in detail the 16 components of the welcome packet…
I punched her in the throat.