Grandma Strine’s Birthday Party! (by Jenn)

For those of you who don’t know, my Grandma Strine is living with my mom and dad. I am not sure if it is temporary or permanent, and I am not sure my Grandma or parents know either. I do know that my mom and dad are telling us that she is at least staying until August. Her birthday was on Monday May 20th, and they were still packing her things in Illinois, so we had a little birthday party for her on Sunday. My mom asked her what she wanted for her birthday meal, and Grandma decided on Kentucky Fried Chicken. So that is what we had, along with white birthday cake that had pretty decorations on it. Grandma also wanted her picture taken next to my mom’s geraniums with her Memorial Day outfit on. Here is Grandma Strine’s birthday portrait:

Noah had a little cake at this birthday party, and fully loaded himself in icing. It is pretty cute to watch him eat. I am also trying to teach him how to show a mouth full of food to people, because I think it is funny, and I am sure it will make my sister and Steve angry.

Noah got so messy, that Rian and I offered to give him a bath before they went home. We wanted to practice our bathing skills before BK comes. Well, Noah gave us a little birthday surprise of his own when he decided that after we had finished washing him, he would poo in the bathtub. At that point in time, Rian and I pulled the “Auntie and Uncle Card” and turned him over to his rightful parents and grandparents to clean the mess. We figured that we can only pull that card for a little bit longer until our own baby poops in the tub. Enjoy the following poop picture.

Prankster? (by Jenn)

An update on my health and baby’s health:

We are both fine. I went to the doctor on Monday and my dilation had gone down. I am still a bit dilated, but less than last Thursday, which is good. I am also having less contractions. So…I still have to go in on Tuesday next week, and if the dilation goes up again, I will be on definite bed rest. However, I just think that baby is a little prankster and wanted to pretend like he was going to come early.

Other than that, I am just feeling okay. I have been having some other pregnancy side effects that aren’t very pretty to talk about on the open internet. I am still having braxton-hicks contractions, and they do hurt, but they are nothing like I was experiencing last week. My back is hurting pretty much on a continual basis, and I only have about two pairs of shoes that fit me anymore.

Here are some of my FAVORITE (sense the sarcasm here) comments I have received recently:
1. You must be ready to pop any second.
2. You are huge.
3. That baby is going to weigh 15 pounds.
4. That baby is going to come out of you already able to drive a car.
5. Are you sure you can fit in line with us?
6. Do they need to check you one more time for twins?
7. July 4th? Are they crazy? That baby is coming any day.
8. Your feet must hurt, you are carrying a lot of weight.


Our AWESOME Hospital Tour (by Jenn)

Rian and I went on a hospital tour on Thursday night! However, it was not your typical hospital tour where you get to see the nursery and all the babies and see where you will go when you deliver, it was the not so pretty hospital tour.

On Thursday, I was having the worst back pain I have had during this entire pregnancy. So bad, that I was telling my co-workers, and I had to leave the assembly we were having at school early. So I went home, and went to the bathroom and noticed blood. I called Rian (Lindsey answered and I am sure I totally freaked her out with my urgency), then called the good doctor, and he told me to go to the hospital. So, I recalled Rian, told him to come home and went and took a shower. The doctor told me we could be there for two hours, or the entire night. So I packed for my overnight just in case. (This included only essentials: Clean underwear, toothbrush, deodorant and Chuck and my blanket…for those of you who know Chuck and my blanket).

Anyways, we get to the hospital where one nurse tells me that I am probably just having a UTI. But, she hooks me up to the baby monitors anyways and does an exam. Turns out, I am 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced and I was having contractions 7 MINUTES APART! The back pain I had been experiencing was contractions and I had no idea. So needless to say, I had to get pumped full of medicine that stops pre-term labor, really weird stuff. It made my jaw chatter and my hands shake like crazy. I also had to get pumped full of fluids because I was apparently dehydrated. Dehydration causes contractions, contractions cause dilation, dilation causes blood and baby to come to early.

So, I have been on heavy bed rest all weekend, my doctor wanted me to come to work today and see how I feel, and then this afternoon I am going back to the doctor to see if I need to be on bed rest the rest of the pregnancy. I am 50/50 on this. That much laying around at first seemed really nice, but then I started getting a little bored and stir crazy. I keep teasing Rian that I want the kind of bed rest where I can still go out to lunch, so I have my fingers crossed for that! If we have to make anymore hospital visits, I will be sure to bring my camera so we can fully document the situation.

Also…I am packing my “for real” suitcase for the hospital tonight, just in case.

Also…I did get to see one brand new baby at the nursery! Rian saw 2 or 3 new ones too, so that was the best part of the tour for sure!

Week 31 (by Jenn)

It is Week 31 officially, and that means I have 9 more weeks to go. It may sound short to you, but that is going to take me forever. Especially with all of the “You are SO HUGE,” “Are you sure there aren’t twins in there?” “Is this baby due any day now?” comments I have been getting. Here is a picture, believe me, if you feel you need to comment on it, do so in the courtesy of your own mind and not to me or Rian or your buddies and pals. It will get back to me, and it sucks.