My Guilty Pleasure (by Jenn)

I know that for a while our blog has been mainly about BK, so I thought that I would switch things up and tell you about a little guilty pleasure of mine before BK comes to this world.


I don’t necessarily think that he is hot, but I seriously love him. Rian knows all about it, and in typical loving husband fashion, supports my love for Kid Rock. Here are the reasons why I love Kid Rock:

1. He isn’t afraid to talk about hot women.
2. He isn’t afraid to talk about hot women’s body parts.
3. I love his rock music.
4. I love his “soul” music (think “Picture” with him and Sheryl Crow).
5. He hangs out with Rev Run and his family.
6. (This one is for you Rian) He has a tattoo of a Big F’in Blazin‘ Eagle on his back.
7. He will throw out a good f-bomb in almost all of his songs. I typically do this too, but to many family members read this blog and I don’t need to get in trouble.
8. His concerts are pretty awesome. Lots of white trash and beer drinking. Chicks show him their boobies on almost a 30 second rotation around the concert venue. (On a side note, I asked Rian the other day if he thought Kid Rock would appreciate my boobs at this point in pregnancy because they were so large. Rian thought he would definitely appreciate them or at least like to see them. I love you Rian).
9. His name is Bob.
10. His kids name is Bob Jr.

What is your guilty pleasure?

June 28th! (by Jenn)

So we have an exact day that this baby will be coming! Saturday June 28th!

Over the past few days, there have been some “complications” with BK getting a tiny bit to big. When I say a tiny bit, I mean that he already weighs well over 8 pounds. My doctor has decided that a C-Section will be the way to go for me, so on Saturday June 28th, I will be going in for a C-Section.

I am a mixed bag on this. I am not nervous for surgery, as I have had surgeries before, I am nervous for the recovery time. I also wanted to try the natural way on my own, but for BK I will do anything. So there it is, we have an enormous child that will be coming next week!

Last Day of School! (by Jenn)

Today was my last day of school until November 4th! I am so excited, glad and relieved. It felt good cleaning off my desk, changing my phone message and leaving an “Out of Office” reply on my voicemail! I called Rian to share in my happy news, and he wasn’t so ecstatic. I guess it will be hard for him for the next 3-4 weeks of me getting to sleep in, but then there will be a baby, and neither of us will be sleeping in. So his jealous rage better get put to rest.

I am now a lady of leisure. This means in the few weeks before baby I will be writing endless amounts of thank you notes, crocheting to my hearts content, loving on my doggies, eating and trying to do everything in my power to get baby to come a bit earlier. Let me know of any old wives tales about how to induce labor naturally, I will be willing to try after this Sunday!

Almost 36 Weeks (by Jenn)

I am almost 36 weeks, and the time couldn’t be moving more slowly. Rian wanted me to put a new picture up, which I was against, but I did it anyways. At least you can’t see my swollen face or stretch marks. Check it out: