Weeks 2 & 3 (by Jenn)

Well, I am finally deciding to update the blog between all of the “stuff” I have been doing lately. This stuff includes, but is not limited to: Sleeping, feeding Cameron, helping with the wedding (my sister’s on August 8th), sleeping, feeding Cameron, looking at the mess in our house and thinking of a day when I may actually decide to pick stuff up, eating, sleeping and feeding Cameron.
What I wish someone would have told me is that during the first month or two of breastfeeding, you do it ALL THE TIME! I do it “on demand”, which means when Cameron wakes up, I feed him. I am not in to setting a schedule just yet, since Cameron is such a big boy, and obviously growing, I think that we are doing just fine. He has set a semi-schedule for me anyways. Here is what I have become accustomed to the past week or so. I feed him between 7-8am, again around 11-noon, again between 3-4pm, again around 6-7pm, around 10-11pm and the last time around 3am. So his big sleep is between 10 and 3am. That is not so bad. Rian gets up at the 3am feeding and changes his diaper and rocks him back to sleep, but the past few days, Cameron just falls right back asleep. We try to not turn any major lights on at 3am, and stay really quiet. Our pediatrician told us that this would help Cam to keep his days and nights straight. He seems to be doing pretty good with that.
My new FAVORITE thing to do with Cameron is cuddle with him after I feed him in the morning. He loves to be held and rocked and next to Rian and I, so after I feed him in the morning, I prop him up in the crook of my arm and let him fall asleep there. It is so cute, and I love staring at him then. That is when Nelly likes to get her Cameron time in as well, for the past two days, she has slept right next to his feet, and when he kicks them out of the blanket, she licks them. Too cute.
Here are his weeks 2 and 3 pictures. I don’t know if you can tell, but he is definitely getting longer and bigger. Rian and I tried the “weigh ourselves and then weigh holding him” thing, and think he is anywhere between 10 and 11 pounds. We won’t get an official weigh in until his 2 month check up though.

In other news, not much is going on. As a matter of fact, the biggest thing that we did last weekend was Rian attempting to eat a 4 pound burrito at the local restaurant/bar that one of our family friends works at. He managed to get down about 3/4 of the burrito, so we think about 3 pounds. Needless to say, he was up about as often as Cameron that night and the next day. Ouch.

Other than that, we are just planning for Kaytie’s wedding. It is on 8-8-08, and I am the only bridesmaid. I was a bridesmaid in January in my friend Christine’s wedding, and I was pregnant then obviously. I thought that maybe that dress would work for my sister’s wedding, until I tried it on today. I could zip it over my stomach, but my boobs have become so large, there is NO WAY that it would zip over those bad boys. Rian says, “Just give it another week or two.” I say, “There is no f-in way that dress is going to fit in a week or two, no f-in way.” So I am going to go shopping tomorrow and see what I can manage to find.

Week 1 (by Jenn)

Rian and I had read or heard about this really cool idea so that you could track the growth of your baby. After they are born, you take a picture of them once a week next to the same object so that you can physically see how much they are growing. So we have decided to do this with Cameron. We got a really cute blue teddy bear from Billy Wilson’s Mom, Suzanne at one of our baby showers. It is perfect, and a good size to showcase Cameron’s growth. I will try as best as I can to update his “growth chart” on the blog so that you can also see how much he is growing.

The outfit he is wearing in this photo was very appropriate as it was the finals of Wimbledon this past weekend. I LOVE Wimbledon, so Cameron got to wear his “You Are No Match For My Mom” outfit. Too cute.

Cameron is Awesome (by Jenn)

Well, I have made it past the first week, and what a ride it has been. Cameron is perfect in my opinion and in Rian’s as well. We have had tons of visitors and it is nice to know that so many people love Cameron and our family so much.

Rian took off last week entirely and this week he is only working half days, so that has been very helpful to me, as it is still not so easy to get around. When we first got home last week, I was pretty much confined to the downstairs (it hurts to go up stairs), but now I am moving around pretty well and I am only taking one percocet today compared to three just a few days ago. So I am feeling better. I didn’t officially change one single diaper until Sunday, and not the Sunday after Cameron was born but Sunday July 6th. Rian has been taking such good care of me and Cameron that he is exhausted. So it is really nice that his work is letting him ease back into things. It is so comforting to see another side of the person that you married and realize that he is just as awesome at being a dad as he is being my husband. (Okay, now here come the post-partum emotions and I am crying again, this happens at least 3 times a day on average). Rian gave me a “You Gave Birth To Our Kid” present. Here is a picture of me opening it:
I got my first Tiffany’s Blue Box! Inside was a beautiful charm bracelet with a charm that says “It’s a Boy.” So awesome, I haven’t taken it off since.

Every year my family tries to get together on Fourth of July and take a family picture. It was very special this year, as our family has grown so much and Grandma Strine is now living with my parents. Here is one of the portraits, (pardon how I look, still wasn’t feeling especially well then).

Cameron was supposed to be born on July 4th, so a few people got him patriotic outfits. In fact, he had four wardrobe changes that day so that we could fit them all in. In the family portrait he is wearing a USA Basketball jersey and shorts that my sister gave him. Here is a picture of his “Mommy’s Little Fire Cracker” outfit from my friend Elaine.

Rian’s sister Erin got him a Ralph Lauren Polo onesie with an American Flag and my friend Whitney got him a sleeveless shirt with stars and stripes. It was one heck of a 4th of July!