Weeks 4, 5 and 6 and a Bunch of Other Stuff (by Jenn)

Well, who knew that it was so easy to get behind in your blogging when you have a brand new baby and a sister getting married all at the same time? I realize that I haven’t posted any growth pictures for Cameron, so I will re post weeks 1-3 and then up to 6 so that you can see how big Cameron is getting! Week 5’s picture is my favorite so far (in case you can’t tell, his collar is “popped”).
Cameron and I are having a blast this summer. We have a ton of lunch dates with friends, we go to my mom’s house and play with Noah and Auntie Kaytie, and we go to the outdoor mall so that I can get exercise walking around pushing his stroller. Yesterday, we went to the outdoor mall with my mom and Noah and I took Noah into the water fountains and played.
Cameron is also developing so fast, and he is so cute. He is definitely smiling all of the time, but mainly after he has eaten and has a clean diaper. He also just started cooing and doing a lot more talking. That has been fun over the past few days. What I can tell about his personality so far is that he is a thinker. He likes to look at things and examine before he passes any kind of judgment as to if he likes it or not. We’ll see if he stays that way!
Cameron is still meeting all of our friends and family. It was a big weekend for him last weekend because the entire Strine family was in town for Kaytie and Steve’s wedding. Rian and I counted at least 15 different friends and family who took turns holding him during the reception. We also had dinner with Mike and Jessie Bailey on Monday, they seemed to really love Cameron and Rian and I kept telling them how easy it is and just to do it (that is our favorite thing to tell our friends who don’t have kids yet, we think it is funny, most of them don’t).
Last, here is a picture from my sister at her bridal shower that my mom and I threw. She is wearing one of the “outfits” she got over her clothes. Pretty hot stuff.

Kaytie’s Wedding (by Jenn)

My sister got married on Friday (8-8-08) and it was a beautiful wedding. I didn’t take one picture if you can believe it, but the same photographer from my wedding was there and he posted pictures online. If you are interested, here is the link and the event code is – katiesteve -(in lower case).


I will post some pictures of Cameron later on today, but we are going to go hang with my mom and Cameron’s cousin Noah for now!