What’s New (by Jenn)

This past week, Cameron has really been focused on Macy (our dog). He follows her around with his eyes, and smiles at her all of the time. Also, he now blows bubbles and makes the spitting sounds. It is way to cute. Lastly, he likes to sit in the corner of the couch and look around, so I went and bought him a seat that is kind’ve like the “bumbo” seat. I am going to put it together tonight and see if he likes it.

Congratulations to the Wilson family (Billy, Katie and Haven) for welcoming their new baby girl last Monday, September 22nd. Caroline ‘Callie’ Elizabeth Wilson!

Alright Secret Readers… (by Jenn)


So, the word on the street is that I have a lot of “secret readers” out there. I thought that only a few people were actively reading this. Rian and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to know if you are reading our blog so that we can give shout-outs, and write more interesting things. So, your task, is to comment on this post so we know who you are! Even you, secret reader of another blog (For example: I read my friend Becky’s blog, plus a few of her friends blogs). If you are to embarrassed to comment, then send me an email so that I at least know you are reading!

Happenings (by Jenn)


Rian and I looked at our calendar today, and we don’t have a free weekend until the end of October. Seriously? A lot is going on in the future, and a lot has been going on.

1. Cameron’s first Rockies Game
My sister got tickets to the Rockies for a day game on Wednesday. So we went, and took my mom, Cameron and Noah. It went pretty well. Cameron fell asleep of course. But was awake for a while and completly fell asleep hard on the way home next to Noah.

2. Cameron’s first Bronco Sunday
Rian was SO EXCITED for this day, that he dressed Cameron in his extra special outfit that day.

3. Lindsey and Greg’s Wedding
Rian works with Lindsey and this wedding was seriously the largest wedding I have ever been to. It was unbelievable. Here is one picture, but check out the rest on my picture website that I have now listed to the right with “My Friends Blogs”. Also, hopefully you will be able to read a future blog by Rian on “THE WEDDING PANTS INCIDENT” coming soon.

4. Cute Pictures of Cameron
I just wanted to post some more cute pictures of Cameron, I will update his weekly pictures tomorrow or Wednesday.

Chicago (by Jenn)


Over Labor Day weekend, Cameron, Rian and I ventured to Chicago for my Aunt Mary’s wedding. We decided to road trip it because my parents were going to be driving Grandma back home. At the last minute my sister, Steve and Noah decided to go to, so it was a big family road trip. My mom, Rian, Cameron and I left Friday morning and stayed overnight in Omaha with Erin and Jimmy. We had another great meal at Il Sole Mio, I swear it is the best Italian food I have ever ate. The next morning we headed off to Chicago, checked into our hotel and then ate dinner with my Aunt Mary and Cousin Jamie. With Cameron still breastfeeding, we had to stop a few extra times, so all in all the driving lasted about 18 hours. By the time we were pulling into Chicago, Cameron was finished riding in the car, and he was letting us know it.

My Aunt’s wedding was on Sunday at 5:30, so we all decided to hit the aquarium on Lake Michigan before the wedding. We took the Lake Shore Drive route to the Aquarium, which was amazing. Kaytie and I couldn’t believe how amazing and big the houses along the lake were. Amazing.
Noah really enjoyed the Aquarium, he liked watching the fish, and we got to see the dolphin show which was pretty cool for everybody. After we finished with the Aquarium, we took some pictures by the lake with the skyline in the back, it is a really cool city, and I wish we could have spent more time there. I think Rian and I would like to go back and do some of the cheesy tourist stuff and learn about the history. I love doing that stuff.
That night was my Aunt’s wedding. It was really beautiful and her and my new uncle Ralph seemed very happy. My cousin Jamie was the only bridesmaid and Maid of Honor, and she looked beautiful. She also sang at the wedding. She has an amazing voice and will be trying out for American Idol next year! Every time she sings, I cry. I am a dork, but it is just so awesome. Cameron slept through most of the wedding, Noah crawled around like crazy at most of the wedding. We had a lot of fun!
The next day, since Grandma was staying in Illinois, we rode home with my mom and dad, and my sister and Steve drove through St. Louis to visit a friend. We got home at about 2:30am on Tuesday. It was a long trip, and as I write this on Friday night, I am still tired from it. But, it was Cameron’s first road trip, and I would say it was definitely a success!