Merry Christmas! (by Jenn)

We had a great holiday season, and it still isn’t over for us!

A few days before Christmas, we were all over at my parents house. My Mom decided that we could all open one present. So Noah and Cameron each opened one (Cameron got some awesome bath toys and Noah got a tool set). Kaytie, Steve, Rian and I got to open a present that was for us together. We each got a Wii! It was so awesome. We already have stayed up to late playing MarioKart with each other online. It is a blast and an awesome early Christmas present!

On the 23rd, Rian, Cameron and I opened the presents that we got for each other. It was really the only time for us to be together as a family, so we opened our gifts. I got two new Tiffany charms for my bracelet that say “Mom” and “I Love You”. Rian got a necklace with our names engraved on them, and Cameron got some really cool wooden toys.

On Christmas Eve, we headed down to Canon to have Christmas with Rian’s family. We had an awesome dinner, went to church and came home to open presents. It was a great night, and the next morning, Santa Cameron woke up his uncle. It was pretty funny!

That morning, we headed back home to Denver to spend the rest of Christmas with my family. We opened a LOT more presents, and then my Aunt and Uncle and cousins came over. We again had an awesome meal, that I ate too much of, and then couldn’t eat any dessert. We also put together a bunch of Cameron and Noah’s toys so that we could play with them all day. I gave Cam and Noah a really cool tee pee that took Rian and I forever to put together, but it is really cool.

Cameron got more presents than we have room under the tree. So next week we are going to work on finding room for all of his presents.

Tonight we are going back up to Canon to celebrate Christmas again with Rian’s family. His sister had to work on Christmas (she is a doctor in Omaha), so she is now in town with her husband. We are going to have a small Christmas again tonight and tomorrow stay in Canon to celebrate New Year’s Eve with them for the first time! Usually Rian and I are at my mom and dad’s, or like last year, we played Guitar Hero all night at home.

So far, it has been a great holiday season, and I feel so blessed that I get to share it with Rian and my sweet baby, who to me, is a Christmas miracle.

Ahhhhhh….A Break (by Jenn)

I am excited for two breaks.

1. A winter break from school for two weeks!
2. A break from my 30 days of blogging!

Yay, I am finally done with this goal and I am pretty happy. Have I learned anything in the process? A little bit.

1. I do like to blog, and I like to go back and re-read my blogs.
2. I like to blog about Cameron and funny stories, but that does not happen daily, so it is hard to keep up.
3. I like to post pictures with my blogs regularly.
4. Blogging daily does not let allow my to constantly post pictures and write about Cameron.

So, I will continue to blog often, probably not daily though. I do owe Kelly R. a blog, and I promise it is coming soon. I am trying to get a good enough picture to go with it.

Thank you for going on my 30 day blogging journey with me, and now, I am taking a much needed break.

#67 in Progress (by Jenn)

I am making lunch for my co-workers for tomorrow. I thought that since it was the day before break, that it would be a good time to celebrate and have a nice lunch together. So I am making tortilla soup and homemade guacamole. The soup isn’t homemade, it comes from a mix, but one of the most delicious soup mixes ever. Bear Creek Tortilla soup mix is so delicious. I add hamburger meat or I buy a rotisserie chicken and break that up to add to it. It is delicious. I am also making some cupcakes for dessert. Just normal old cupcakes with red and green sprinkles, but still delicious.

In other news, tomorrow marks my 30 days of blogging complete. I am excited to take a few days off, which will be good anyways because I think we are going to go see Rian’s parents a few times. Man, these goals are going fast, that is exciting!

My Sweet Babe (by Jenn)

If you read last nights post, I am sure that you can guess that I wasn’t feeling to hot at work today. I had to stop at Sonic on the way into school and buy a Coke and Grilled Cheese so that my stomach wouldn’t lose itself sometime during first or second period. Thank God that my department head (who got me wasted) also bought me Chipotle for lunch today to soak up some of the alcohol. Well, I still wasn’t feeling so great when I got home. Rian took care of Cameron until he had to leave for basketball. Cameron started fussing a bit, which usually means he is getting a bit tired. So I picked him up and held him in my lap. He fell asleep in about 5 minutes in my lap. It was precious, and he looks like a little angel when he sleeps. Rian took a picture, but I need to crop my hungover face out of it before I post it. Here is a picture to hold everyone over for the time being, what a sweet babe.

I shouldn’t write this now….(by Jenn)

But I am…

I am going to do this as short as possible.

It is 11:10pm

I have to work tomorrow.

Went to my department head’s (and his wife, who is also my co-worker) house for a kid officer party.

Stayed after the party.

Drank wine at the after party.

Too much wine.

Now I am going to bed.

While logging in to this, I found out who won this Biggest Loser even though I recorded it to watch later.


Going to bed, hopefully it is not spinning.

Thank God for spell check, I had 7 misspellings.

My 101 Goal Date was Wrong! (by Jenn)

For those of you that don’t know, I teach a bunch of seniors, and it is the week before Holiday Break. This leads to CRAZINESS! So during this week, I always try to come up with some kind of fun activity for them to do and get rid of their excited energy. I decided that my seniors could make their own 101 lists. I thought I may come across some opposition, but as I am typing this all 31 of my seniors are talking and writing and having a grand old time coming up with their own lists. I told them that if they email me on their end date and have actually completed their list (with proof), that I will take them out to dinner. They of course think this is awesome, and are all talking about where I am going to take them. (Note: I didn’t specify where I would take them, the main restaurant I am hearing at this time is Red Robin. So it hopefully won’t break the bank if this is the class that actually completes their goals.)

They were trying to figure out when their 1001 days were over, and we found out that my end date was wrong. I added a few months to it! (Elaine, you should recheck your end date). So my new end date is:

July 25, 2011

As compared to September 25, 2011.

I better get to work!

I will post some of the funnier goals I hear at a later date!

I Am Going to the Finals Baby! (by Jenn)

We have got a family fantasy football league that includes the following:

  1. Cameron and I
  2. Kaytie and Steve (my sister and brother-in-law)
  3. Kristi and Brett (my brother-in-law and his girlfriend)
  4. Erin and Jimmy (my sister-in-law and brother-in-law)
  5. My Mom and Dad
  6. Becky and John (my good friend from high school and her husband)
  7. Rian (you know I luv ya baby)

Well, last week marked the start of playoffs, and I played Kristi and Brett. It is a two week playoff, and because of the few amount of teams in the league, it was the semi-finals. So last week I was losing 66 to 89. Well today I came back and won by only 3 points! I am going to be playing Erin and Jimmy (who killed Rian in their semi). I am pretty excited, and we are playing for a pretty awesome trophy…an Emergency Cone Rian and I stole from Fiddlers Green this summer at the Poison concert. We are going to spray paint the word champion on it, and pass it along to the winner. Hopefully it doesn’t have to leave our house!