Cameron is 7 Months! (by Jenn)

Can you believe it? Seven months ago, this sweet babe was born!

Apparently, a pretty common question of a parent with a “newer” baby is, “What are they doing now?” Meaning, what kind of development milestones are they hitting at this point in time? Here is a little update of what Cameron can do now:

  • He holds his own bottle! So awesome, but I still sometimes like to hold him while he is drinking so I can pretend he is a little tiny sweet baby.
  • He rolls all over the place. The other day I laid him down on the family room floor, went to the kitchen and got some water, came back and he had rolled about 5 feet and changed his direction. All in about 30 seconds! He loves moving around and tries to get to his toys.
  • He is putting his butt up in the air when he is on his belly. Apparently, this is what babies do before they start crawling and scooting around.
  • Just yesterday, he sat up from a laying down position on his own! That was exciting, even though I didn’t get to see it, Rian just emailed me and told me all about it.

(I am writing this from school, (subbing today with students working on their own) so I can’t add pictures. I will add pictures when I get home tonight!)

When It Rains, It Pours (by Jenn)

I hasn’t been the best week for me. Cheaters on exams, kids showing inappropriate pictures in class, busy, committee meetings (two of them) and overall tiredness. Luckily, everyday I get to look at this sweet boy, and know why I do it.

And don’t forget this guy. (A “modeling” shot from our honeymoon)

Bath Time with Cameron (by Jenn)

Cameron has really been getting into bath time lately, and it is just so cute. He has a little chair that connects to the side of our tub that he sits in, and he just splashes away and plays with all of his toys. He also has been having to take salt water baths in our sink for a week to help heal up where he had surgery. I have been taking plenty of pictures!

Please DO NOT Be This Parent (by Jenn)

I had an UGLY confrontation with a parent this week, and it has really made me think about the type of parent I want to be when Cameron is in school. Here is the story.

I teach Introduction to Business, mainly to freshman and sophomores. It is a semester class, and for a majority of the semester, I teach them how to write a business plan, and they write a business plan for a business that they make up. They work on this project EVERY DAY in class from the end of October until the end of December. I had out countless amounts of worksheets to help them, I give them an EXACT outline that I want them to follow, etc. Well, I go to grade this one project in particular last Friday, and it is CRAZY! The kids have obviously copied it. It was a really good business plan and ended up being about 25 pages (Read: Other plans in class were only about 10 pages long). It covered topics that I learned about my senior year of college! Another teacher and I spent about an hour typing random sentences into Google to see where it was copied from with no luck. So what I decided to do was confront these kids and see if I could figure out where it came from. There were three kids in the group, one girl, two boys. So in class on Monday, I take them out in the hall and question them. I ask them if they can tell me about what they learned, including some of the much higher level thinking from their paper. For example, I said, “You three wrote about SWOT Analysis, can you tell me what SWOT stands for? NO (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) You wrote about the product life cycle, can you tell me the three stages? NO.” So I say to them that I know someone else wrote the paper for them, and they can either own up to it, and I will let them redo it on their own, not in a group, and I won’t refer them to the deans. They agree with that and the girl tells me that her aunt came over to help them, but she didn’t have enough time, so she just printed out her master’s paper and they changed the name to their business. I say alright, I won’t turn you in to the dean, you are just going to have to redo it and I will call your parents and tell them our deal. They all agree. During class, the girl asks to go to the bathroom. She apparently calls her mom at that time. I call Mom after school and knew it was going to be bad when Mom answered. Instead of saying hello, she says, “Yes?” I go on to explain what happened and what I am doing. Mom tells me this. That the aunt did come over to help them, that the student did MOST of the work, but Aunt helped her because they had NO IDEA what they were doing and I obviously didn’t tell them what to do (even though we spent two months on it in class). She also proceeds to tell me that I am picking on her daughter. So, I say that I wasn’t going to refer them, but if she would rather deal with the dean that is fine. She says, “That is fine.” and hangs up on me!


In conclusion, I will never ALLOW Cameron to cheat, and I will ALWAYS respect what the teacher determines to be the best for my child at school. Teachers DO NOT want to get your kids in trouble on purpose, they want to help.

That lady is crazy.

Am I The Biggest Loser? (by Jenn)

I hope.

Rian’s work is doing a Biggest Loser competition. Here are the rules, directly from the rule maker:

With the New Year coming we are all ready to commit to a bunch of stuff that we will never follow through on so Mark and I have been discussing a fitness challenge of sorts in hopes that our competitive spirit will help jumpstart 2009.

The Welton Street Biggest Loser will be judged by the largest percentage of weight lost (if you are 200 pounds and lose 20lbs you are down 10% versus the 150 pound person who lost 20lbs and is down 13%). The entry fee is $20. Winner gets 80% of the proceeds and second place gets 20%. Some type of exercise (it has to be more than 30 minutes to qualify but it can be cardio, weight training, sports etc…) is required 4 days per week. For every day you miss working out you must add $2 to the pot. The contest will start on January 5th and end on March 27th. We will log days worked out on a sheet down in the DD area. Starting and ending weights are not required to be disclosed only the % lost.

For those of you who are not interested in losing weight there will be a side bet. This bet will be a push-up contest. The contest is to determine who can increase the number of push-ups (excellent form required) they can do in five minutes by the largest amount (it will be a percentage scale also). The stakes for this competition are not yet determined we will figure it out once we see how many people are interested.

Pretty intense isn’t it?

Well, I have joined this competition, and because I won’t actually be at the office for weigh ins, I have to take a picture of my scale and send it in to the top-secret HR person. I sent it in for the first time on Monday, and it was a real eye-opener. I had been losing a bit of weight since Cameron was born, but I finished breastfeeding about three weeks ago. Since then, I have gained some weight back and I didn’t want to see what I did see on the scale. However, I think that this will give me a good chance of winning. Also, what is not mentioned in this email is that we will be on two teams with a coach. So, the money will be split up to the team. This makes it even tougher, because I don’t want to let my team down.

I have started my program and so far so good (ask me again though in two weeks). I parked in the farthest away spot from my office today (a good start to most diets I have read). I ate breakfast, I made a healthy lunch, I ate healthy dinners the past two nights. We are joining the Rec center by our house. So, wish me luck. I am DEFINITELY going to need it.