Kind of Anniversary (by Jenn)

Valentine’s Day is a kind of anniversary for Rian and I. So I thought that I would practice making a slideshow and see if I can upload it to this blog. It is pretty short, as I am just practicing to see what I can do later on for Cameron. The background song is I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. It was actually our wedding song in 2006. Jason had a different version out then that I had heard at a concert and Rian and I tracked it down for the wedding. It is now weird to us that the song is out for the world now, and everybody knows it and it gets overplayed. This is “our” version though, and I still love it! I also love you Rian!

I am a Blog Freak and Really, Really, Really Sick (by Jenn)

Part 1:
Today was my day off from work today, and I was sick. Doesn’t that suck? However, I am so sick I have called in sick tomorrow already. I have the body flu. The nasty, gross, temperature, achy, sweaty, freezing, coughing in your chest flu. Yuck. So needless to say, even though Cameron has got his flu shot, he is staying as far away from me as possible and Rian came home for the day to take care of me. So, when I was breaking fever number 1 (102 degrees), I was facebooking and talking to my friend Kerry who is home on the strictest of strictest bedrests’ growing twin boys. I was telling her about my blog freakishness and she was totally cool about it. So, now I am just going to comment it up on everyone’s blog that I read and let them know that I read theirs.
Part 2:
One of the blogs I read (I don’t know how I found it, and sometimes I feel like a stalker, but the author I think would be totally cool with it), wrote a post the other day about writing about someone that is important to you every once in a while, and give them a shout out to the world. Here is the blog I stalk, Steece’s Pieces, Check it out.
Did everyone know that my good friend Kai has moved to town? Well I am writing about her right now as she is feeding little Cameron dinner. Green beans and rice cereal, delicious. We met in Spanish freshman year of college, and have been friends ever since. She just moved back to Colorado from Vegas and is living with us! Welcome Kai, here is a nice gift…the flu! Well, like I said she is feeding Cameron. Rian went to basketball to get out of the cess pool, and I didn’t have enough energy to feed Cam. So Kai is. You should hear her right now, it is so cute!
“Yum delicious green beans that smell like shit.”
“Airplane noises.”
“You are doing good buddy, you are doing good.”
“Don’t cry, there is more.”
“Here, just play with the spoon.”

I love it, and it is making me feel just a pinch better.

Be a Follower…Not a Lurker (by Jenn)

On the right side of my blog is a button to become a “Follower of this Blog.” Please do that so I know who I am catering to in this audience. It helps me to post more and take more pictures. If you don’t want to follow, at least leave a comment and don’t be a blog lurker. (Blog lurkers are people who read your blog, but don’t ever let you know). It is just helpful (and I don’t care if I don’t know you, that is even cooler)!

New Car! (by Jenn)

Rian and I got a new car yesterday. Very exciting. We traded in the Titan, as it wasn’t very family friendly and it was a gas hog. We ended up with a brand new 2008 4Runner. It is so nice, and I get to drive it! Cameron and I drove all around today, pimpin’ in our new 4Runner.

We got a color called Driftwood Pearl. It really is kind’ve a taupe-champagne-gold mix. It looks much better in person than it does in this picture.

1 Year Anniversary of my 29th Birthday (By Jenn)

February marks the month of my 1 year anniversary of my 29th birthday! How do I feel about this? Great and not great. The cool part about this birthday is that Rian, some good friends and family are taking me to VEGAS! We are going for my birthday weekend, and have some pretty fun stuff planned out. My friend Kai who lives out in Vegas has reserved us a table at a new club out there, and we are going to a few awesome restaurants, and we are going to ride the NYNY roller coaster! So, I am very excited for that weekend.

Other than that, not to excited. I would be okay with it, if next year I would still be 30. But no, you just keep getting older. I would also be okay with it, if Cameron could have come just one year earlier. Don’t get me wrong, my life is PERFECT right now with Rian and Sweet Baby Cameron. In my little life plan for myself and Rian, I just thought that I would be on baby 2 by now, and I am definitely not (because of my c-section, I would prefer to wait at least a year or more before I start trying again). When you are planning your life with the person you love, and are excited about getting married, and having babies, and your married life together, you don’t plan that there is going to be a LONGER process getting those babies. We definitely have to go through the longer process. How this all relates back to my birthday is that I don’t want to be an old mom. Every year I get older, and I only have one baby! I want more babies, but I don’t want to be having them when I am 40. I would like to be a young mom. So here is my new life plan: Next time I get pregnant, I am having twins. We’ll see how that goes.