Spring Break – Day 1 – LoL

Well, it is officially the week for me to be a full blown “Lady of Leisure.” So, this is what I did today with my Mom and my bestie Elaine:

Went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory

Ate White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake

Bought this dress at Forever 21I would say that my first day as a LoL has been AWESOME

Thanks Beck

I am very far behind on blogging, and I need to get this blog a little more upbeat. Stay tuned for many posts coming your way of Cameron doing tons of cool things.
My friend Becky got me a gift card to Barnes and Noble for my birthday. So, I went and spent it, and got some good stuff! I have read Under the Banner of Heaven and I wanted a new copy. I loaned it to my brother-in-law a year ago, and haven’t seen it since. So, I got that, a new little “green” journal, a Craft magazine, and….Throw Out FIFTY Things. I had read about this book in this month’s issue of Real Simple, and it called to me. I NEED this book. I definitely hate throwing things out, and I read the first chapter, and started cleaning out my kitchen cabinets. Check it out. And, don’t judge me, we have some messy cabinets right now, and I don’t expect to be done with the project until the end of this weekend. I am going to post a picture of how bad they look right now though.

This is a before shot of my cabinet area. Disgusting I know.

This is an after shot, after about an hours worth of throwing stuff away. Check out my organizational sticky notes on the cabinet shelves.

I will be finishing this project this week, with beautiful after shots of my completed kitchen cabinet clear out of junk 2009. Then I will be moving on to my bedroom. Only Rian, Cameron and Kai (our roomie) will ever see this one though. I will not post pictures of this embarrassing debacle.

Prayers and Thoughts…(by Jenn)

Prayers and thoughts for one of my besties. My friend Christine’s mom died on Saturday after a very long battle with cancer. Christine and I have known each other since 2nd grade. She now lives in Boise, ID where the rest of her family lives. She is obviously having a hard time, so any thoughts and prayers you could send her way, please do. Rian, Cameron and I will be heading to Boise on Friday for the funeral on Saturday.

Here is a picture of Christine and I (she was a bridesmaid) at our wedding:

2nd Week Home (by Jenn)

I am home from work now for the second week with pneumonia. Sure, it sounds great, having two weeks off from school, but I do not feel good enough for it to be a good time at all. Here is a little journey through the past four weeks of my life:

4 Weeks Ago:

  • Get the flu. 103.9 degree fever for two days straight. Chills, fever, body aches, headaches, vomiting. Not pretty. It lasts for about 4-5 days. After that, I feel like I am getting a cold. Coughing starts.

3 Weeks Ago:

  • Go to the state DECA conference for three days and two nights…with 80 high school students. Stay up doing room checks until about 12:30am both nights, get up at about 6:30am both days. Coughing starts getting much worse. Cough drops aren’t seeming to help because my throat doesn’t seem to be the problem. (Don’t read this if you don’t like TMI). I also start with the diarrhea problem.

February 26th:

  • Coughing is still not going away and neither is the bathroom problem. I go to a Primary Care doctor that I used to go to a long time ago, not my favorite doctor in the world, but I need some help! She gives me these pills that are supposed to suppress my coughing and tells me to take Mucinex to dry up my head. The only problem here is that I don’t have anything to dry up. I don’t feel like I have a cold, I just have this miserable cough, and I had a low grade fever that day at the doctor to.

February 27th, My 30th Birthday:

  • In Las Vegas! I have two margaritas, and am down for the count. I don’t feel drunk, I just feel really weird and tingly. I try not to let this curb our good time, so I stay out (in the smoky club) coughing away. I notice the coughing is getting worse, so Rian and I go back to the hotel. We go to bed and I start coughing so hard, that I end up throwing up. Gross.

February 28th:

  • Still in Vegas, have a nice day of shopping with my besties, and then we go to Margaritaville for dinner. I am noticing that I am still coughing a lot, and the sides of my ribcage are starting to hurt. I know something is definitely not right. I am thinking a few times during the day, “I think I need to go to the hospital.” I don’t say anything to Rian until very late that night after Margaritaville and a very bad few hours of Blackjack. I tell him I am thinking about the hospital, we decided to wait until Monday.

March 1st:

  • Get home pretty early from Vegas. We go pick up Cameron and when we get to my parents house, I feel awful. I tell Rian that we don’t have to go to the emergency room, but could we at least go to Urgent Care? Rian wants to know if I can wait until Monday, and I don’t think I can (READ: He now feels so awful and guilty about this). We go to Urgent Care. I tell the doc how I am feeling and everything that has led up to this. He has me get a x-ray, a breathing treatment, and I take some nasty tasting cough medicine. While I am doing the breathing treatment, he rushes in, turns off the machine and tells me that I need to go to the ER right away. He is worried because I have been on an airplane, been sick and have a few other “risk factors”. He thinks that I may have a blood clot in my lung and he is freaked. He calls the ER right away and tells them I am coming. We show up to the ER and even though the waiting room is pretty packed, I am rushed back into a room. I get the IV immediately, and then am sent down for a CT Scan. I come back, it takes an hour for results because it is past radiology hours. Luckily, Rian and I have a deck of cards from our trip to Vegas, so we played while we waited. Results back, luckily I just have pneumonia. I say luckily, because if I had a blood clot, it could have been a lot worse. I get TONS of medication and go home. I am told to take a few days off of school.


  • Feel like crap. Still coughing, extremely tired, and yuckiness.


  • I go to a new doctor where my best buddy works. She is also a primary care. I go because I am still feeling like crap and need to see what is up. She tells me a ton of good information. Basically, I have a pretty bad pneumonia, she tells me to stay home this entire week as well, she gives me stronger antibiotics, she gives me another breathing treatment (those are like HEAVEN when you have pneumonia), and tells me that apparently having pneumonia feels a lot like mono. Your tiredness hits you suddenly and very hard. This is very true. She was a GREAT new doctor, and I feel like she really took good care of me.

This weekend:

  • Feeling a little better, still very tired. Rian takes me out to get my (a little bit late) birthday present and to get some fresh air. We also went to the movies yesterday. It exhausted me, but it was nice to get out.


  • Feeling a bit better. It is hard to explain. I feel like I have heavy lungs. It wears me out to carry Cameron up and down the stairs, but not as bad as last week. My ribs are still hurting (that is from all the hard coughing from last weekend). I am still tired, but it doesn’t feel as overwhelming, which is good because Rian is out of town for today and tomorrow. I feel a lot better than I did, but if this was just a regular day I felt this way, I would still want to call in sick. It is hard to explain and very weird.

So that has been my month. I am definitely not looking for pity (except from Rian and my family occasionally), just wanted to let you know what has been going on. Good news: I got a new camera, so there will be a lot of new pictures and video of Cameron coming soon. Also, I get to take the students to Nationals this year, which is in Anaheim, California! Rian and Cameron are going to come too! So excited for that.

I watched you on Jimmy Kimmel…and still, WTF Jason? (By Jenn)

My sister thought that after Jimmy Kimmel, she didn’t hate Jason as much anymore. He tried to explain that Melissa and him had pretty much broken up and she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring and whatnot. He also said that he and Molly hadn’t even started talking about marriage yet. Jimmy just laughed at him. Whatever. I read an article today about how the Internet does not have very nice things to say to Jason, and I had to put it on here:

Here’s just a small sampling of what fans had to say in Television Without Pity’s forums immediately following the three-hour finale. Jason, pray that your adorable little son Ty doesn’t know how to use the Internet, because there’s plenty more where this came from:

“Molly, you’re next. I give it a few months before he just has to follow his heart again (a.k.a. dump you).” – goddessrin

“It was all appalling on some level–was it necessary to do all this on the air–but I actually groaned, ‘Oh, Molly,’ when she started making out with him. Bad enough the way the whole thing played out, but to start with the face-sucking at that point?” – Kmax

“Melissa showed a lot of class.” – 007Girl

“That was the biggest vat of Velveeta I’ve ever seen.” – TooMuchFreeTime

“Am I the only one thinking that was totally fake? I had friends arguing with me on how real it is.” – Laurie4H

“Jason is such a pig. Changing your heart is one thing, doing it on national television is another. AND hooking up with a girl within an hour of dumping your fiancée . UGH. I wish him much unhappiness.” – Wrong Heaven

“I have never thought this before about her, but tonight I realized Molly is an actress. Her confused look when Jason told her he wants her back and everything after that was right out of a soap opera.” – Carus

“I thought Melissa handled the whole thing great. She kept her dignity while also expressing what a bastard Jason is.” – agockows

“Jason had every right to change his mind, but breaking it off in front of the cameras is a new low. Molly, congrats, honey. You ‘won.’ I think it’ll become really clear really soon just what a ‘prize’ he isn’t.” – Mamabisi

“Molly is just a poor example of what unfortunately many girls have become these days. A boy does all the wrong things to someone else but maybe I can change him so I’m going to take him back because hey, I’M MOLLY and no guy walks away from me. Well, he did walk away from you and who’s to say in six weeks he won’t be backing up to call Jillian?” – nymetsgirl22

“Jason’s 15 minutes for me expired about two hours ago. He’s a loser. Molly’s a fool for agreeing to anything other than a cup of coffee for old time’s sake. There’s no future in that relationship because, really, the guy can’t tell the truth unless it’s dragged out of him and that will destroy any relationship he’s in.” – becca656

“And total ewwwwwww when they started making out at the end. Yeah, Melissa’s body wasn’t even cold yet and they were pawing each other.” – weezer95

This one is MY FAVORITE:

“Jason, you have seriously underestimated how people will react to what you did just now but I suspect you’ll find out quickly enough. Good luck, Molly! Oh, one other thing – consider this: Melissa will move on and find a decent guy who will treat her right. Meanwhile, every time you and Jason have problems or get into a fight, you’ll be left wondering if his silence means he’s thinking about how he made a mistake with you and regretting letting Melissa go.” – The Closer

“As the single mom of 2 girls, who is getting back into dating after a divorce, it makes me SICK that he would bring Melissa into Ty’s life for 6 weeks, including holidays, and then yank her out and bring Molly in. He didn’t mention Ty ONCE tonight.” – brgrayduck

“Jason needs therapy before he commits to anyone else. He’s clearly very needy and confused, and should probably not be getting engaged to anyone at this point. I think he has maturity issues too.” – DebbieM

“Jason is such a jerk. How could he immediately go from breaking off his engagement with Melissa to kissing Molly mere minutes after? And no tears for Melissa, the woman he was just engaged to, while he had this huge emotional reaction after he rejected Molly?” – Coco79

“I honestly could not believe my eyes, watching that circus. I mean…do people have NO shame? To have these kinds of personal things televised? What have we come to? On the one hand, great drama to watch…on the other, I feel dirty for even participating.” – PetuniaP

“I hope Jason’s ex-wife is out hiring a lawyer to try to get full custody of Ty.” – Whataconcept

“Wow, that was good television. I was genuinely surprised. I had the same freeze frame, deer in headlights look that Molly had.” — TrebledTimes

WTF Jason Mesnick? (by Jenn)

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched the Final Bachelor, don’t read this.

WTF Jason? I like both Melissa and Molly, but come on.

Also, come on Molly. Jason dumps his FIANCE on TV, and you just go running back to him? Get a grip and an ounce of dignity.