Sunday’s Off

I decided with this new goal that I can allow myself to take Sunday’s off from blogging. So that is what I did. However, I am leaving to take 6 girls to Anaheim tomorrow for the DECA National Competition. We will be back early Sunday morning. So, there won’t be any blogging for about a week. See you soon and wish me warm and sunny weather in the OC!

TV Too?

I know, I know, I have heard it a million times….having a baby changes everything. Yeah, I got it.

But I must not have really got it until tonight.

Rian and I LOVE Friday Night Lights. However, we haven’t watched a single episode this entire season. We have been taping it on the DVR for a certain night like tonight. We didn’t really have much to do, I wasn’t feeling that good (shocker) and we decided to watch a few episodes of the new season. I cried like a freak of nature. Thanks, Jason Street and the writers of Friday Night Lights.

(Spoiler Alert) Jason now has a baby, named Noah (like my nephew) on the show. Well, as it turns out, the mom and baby Noah move back east away from Jason. He did some great acting, and I just cried and cried and cried. To the point where Rian just had to ask me if I was going to be okay. I am of course, but the reason I was crying so hard is because I just think if I was in that situation and what I would do without my little Cameron. Here I go again, getting watery-eyed. I couldn’t imagine Cameron not being with me forever. So, thanks to Friday Night Lights and my sweet baby, I am a blubbering mess.

For you enjoyment, Noah and Cameron at my sister’s house:

Therapy…Or Just Idiots?

A few months ago, I did a post on favorite childhood toys. I received an email from Kelly (my buddy all the way back from middle school, high school, college roommate, and still a friend today). She thought I forgot something important. In fairness to her, I will just be posting her email and picture she took. Then I got to thinking, my sister and I do the EXACT same thing Kelly does. So I had Kaytie send me a picture too. Read the following email from Kelly below:

“So I was shocked and disappointed that you left out such an important favorite childhood toy ( or maybe you don’t consider it childhood??) so I wanted to post MY favorite childhood toy but I’m too dumb to figure out how to post a photo in the comment section, so I’m hoping you’ll post an editors note to amend that entry. Here’s MY favorite childhood toy, bunny. And I still sleep with it. Vintage fisher price 1979 (crap I’m old). 2 years ago my family staged an intervention and bought me a new one in eBay ( I’m not kidding, it was only made in 1979. — god bless eBay). But it’s not the same. Maybe I’ll give it to my kids someday. Only I don’t think the beagles will appreciate it so much. …authors note, the real bunny is on the left. That is all.”

Now, Kelly and I lived together for a year in college, however, I consider it almost two years because I used to spend the night at her house all the time. I know Bunny well, and she knows Chuck and blank-wike (aka Muggie, MyMy, blankie, etc.). She also knows Cooler and Kaytie’s blank-wike. My sister and I also both STILL sleep with our comfort items. My bear and blanket, Kaytie’s dog and blanket and Kelly’s bunny. Do we have issues with security? Are we freaks? Do I need to go to a therapist? Please weigh in on this matter while checking out pictures of Kaytie’s Cooler (dog) and blankie (that has definitely seen better days) and my Chuck and blankie.

Furthermore, Cameron now has a little “muggie” that he seemingly is getting pretty attached to, and my nephew Noah has a blanket and stuffed sting ray named Bob that he takes everywhere. Are my sister and I raising children who will need therapy in the future?

The Amazing Race

*Editors Note: I will add pictures of this event tomorrow. At this point in time, I am exhausted!

Today, in my Sports and Entertainment classes, I prepared The Amazing Race! It was a huge race through the entire school.

Some of the Rules:

  • Teams had to wear matching uniforms
  • They were not allowed to run inside of the school, only power walking (which we practiced in advance)
  • Teams had to complete all designated “tasks” and could choose to complete as many “Roadblocks” as they wanted

Tasks (some of them were HILARIOUS):

  1. Pick a country from a bowl and point to it on a map – Mrs. Vaughn
  2. Answer 5 Science questions from the science portion of the ACT – Mr. Colella
  3. Solve a math problem – Mr. Thompson
  4. Learn a German phrase, teach your teammates and then have them repeat it back to the teacher – Mr. Davis
  5. One team member makes two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the other team members must eat the entire sandwich – Mr. Henry
  6. Name 8/10 Presidents by just looking at a picture of them – Mr. Vaughn
  7. Wash your hands at the Nurses’ office – Mrs. Humes
  8. Type at least 30 words per minute – Mr. Henry
  9. Write a Haiku on a random topic – Ms. Infantino
  10. Sing and dance for one FULL minute to “Bye Bye Bye” by N’SYNC – Mr. Cohen

The Roadblocks were just random tasks around the school. They had to use a picture cell phone and take pictures of themselves completing the tasks. For each roadblock completed, they got two minutes taken off their total time.

It was AWESOME! One of the best days of my teaching career. I worked hard organizing it, and the students had a blast. The fastest team finished in about 41 minutes, so they worked fast!

1st Period Winners – THE FANNY PACK

2nd Period Winners – THE CROWN JEWELS

Breakfast at the Mall

Today we were supposed to go to the zoo with my friend Whitney and her daughter Addison, but as soon as we were pulling into the zoo, it got windy and started sprinkling. So my sister and I decided to take Noah and Cameron to the “Breakfast” at the Cherry Creek Mall. It was a blast. Noah ran around screaming his head off and playing with other kids. Cameron sat and observed everyone, and army crawling enough to be in view to stare again. I brought my camera, but didn’t get any good pictures, so here is a picture that someone else took of “Breakfast.” I highly recommend it, they clean it twice a day, and it is a lot of fun. I see myself spending a lot more time there in the future.

Little Explorer

Cameron is mobile now. He doesn’t officially crawl, but he army crawls like the wind! We are constantly having to put the dog food up, because that is his favorite target. He also likes to open things and pull stuff out. Yesterday, I found him in the cabinets in the kitchen. We will be putting locks on the cleaning supplies cabinets this weekend, but I don’t mind him getting into the bowls. I took this picture when I caught him, and it is so funny.

“Guilty as Charged!”

New Goal

I talked to my friend Kelly today, and she was talking crap to me about not blogging enough. So, I am going to make a new goal and try to blog every day for a month (again). I also am going to be better about posting what Cameron is up to and showing off pictures. Here are some topics I will hopefully cover in the next month:

  • Cameron’s Baptism
  • The Amazing Race
  • Anaheim
  • Noah’s Birthday
  • Pneumonia – Part 2
  • Twitter
  • Rian’s Birthday
  • The other Ryan’s Birthday
  • Why I Can’t WAIT FOR SUMMER!
  • Etc.

Hopefully this list will help me through the next month!