Me, Rian, some good friends and some old students of mine went to see OAR at Red Rocks back in June. If you ever become a teacher, or are a teacher, there are always the students that you think to yourself, “Those kids will be so awesome to hang out with and be friends with when they are older.” These are those kids who are now adults! YAY!!! We had a good laugh though when they introduced me to their friend as Jenn instead of Mrs. K. We had a blast and I was looking at the pictures and wanted to post a few.

Three former students of mine that we met at the concert. Tyler, Schuyler and Sam.

Me and “Fatty”, another former student.

Sara, Moorish and I tailgating before the concert.

Ryan, Sara and Rian tailgating before the concert.

Red Rocks at night.

Rian playing guitar for the band.

Me drumming for the band.

Rian and I wishing we were in the band.


This couple made out profusely the entire night. At one point I thought they might be more than making out. Funny story: This chick was SO WASTED that she ate it down the stairs right in front of me and then proceeded to make out with her boyfriend again. Classy.

This guy was a dork. Check out his t-shirt.

Schuyler eating the wings that Rian and I brought to the tailgate. Perfect after concert food.

Almost Done Growing my Hair Out

I have been growing my hair out since last August to donate to Locks of Love or Pantene Great Lengths. To donate to Pantene, you need 8 inches of hair in your ponytail. Rian measured for me this morning and I have about 7.5 inches. Almost there!

However, I am seriously struggling! When I have short hair, I want gloriously long hair, when I have long hair, I want cute sassy short hair. I found some pictures of what I want my hair to look like when I go short (Katie Holmes is my muse, but now the weird Katie Holmes hair, the hair she had right when it was cut). Let me know what you think, (I of course will cut it and 2 months later be dreaming of having loose wave curls down my back).

Father’s Day 2009

A little late, but….

Cameron and I decided to start a tradition for Father’s Day. Every year we are going to send Rian on an Amazing Race (treasure hunt) for his gifts. This year was relatively simple, the clues told him exactly where to go, but we had so much fun that Rian requested it become a tradition.

Here are the clues and pictures from Rian’s 1st Father’s Day:

Happy Father’s Day Daddy! Mommy and I have set up an Amazing Race for you for the rest of the day. We hope you enjoy it, and take time to have fun on your first Father’s Day!

Rian opening his scrapbook and reading his first clue.
Clue #1:
You need something special to wear
A little baby boy of yours is willing to share
Get up and go in there
You don’t need to do your hair.
What Daddy saw when he went into his baby boy’s room! So sweet.
Rian wearing his new “Where the Wild Things Are” shirt from Cameron.

Clue #2:
We think a little breakfast will help you to feel alive
Turn around and give Mommy a High Five
Get in the car for another drive
We are taking you to Sam’s # 5! Rian eating the Farmer’s Burrito aka The Gravy Burrito. His fave.

Clue #3:
Now that you are so full and ready to head out the door
Are you sure you don’t want a little more?
We are not going to take you to Ecuador
We want you to go to Barnes and Noble Bookstore!

Rian checking out what book he wants to buy at the bookstore. He ended up getting some book about the Hell’s Angels.

Clue #4:
From Barnes and Noble you should be able to see
The next place Cameron and Mommy want you to be
Head over to Sports Authority
And go on a mini shopping spree!

Outside of Sports Authority wearing his new Nuggets hat!

Clue #5:
Now you need to head back
To our house and get ready and pack
Put all of your clothes and shoes in a sack
Your wife has a nice rack.

Rian packing up the car.

Clue #6:
It’s time to load everything and the dogs in the car
Don’t worry Macy, you won’t bar – f
Off to the Strine’s, it’s not that far
Hopefully they let the dogs play in the yar – d

Reading one of his clues.

The dogs in the car and Rian dropping them off at my parent’s house.

Clue #7:
Before we head out and go
We want you to stop and get some cookie dough
It is at the local Costco
We know you will love a gallon of cookie dough…FO SHO!

Sidenote: They didn’t have any cookie dough at Costco that day. They were sold out!

Clue #8 and #9:
Now it is time for us to all head to Vail
But there are still a few things you must figure out
You must find a place for us to eat because you are the male
You don’t want Cameron and Mommy getting so hungry they pout.

The next task you must not fail
Three times from the car we must get out
We must have 3 scenic overlook pictures of our family before Vail
You will not fail this task, we have no doubt!

Scenic overlook early on in the drive. Some weird dude took our picture.

We stopped at a hippie owned burger joint in Empire for lunch. DELICIOUS!

Scenic shot number 2 in Vail by the river.

With the grandparents in Vail.

Finally 1 and Going to McDonalds!

I know, I know, it has been forever since I updated my blog! Forever! But, we have been so busy, that I haven’t had the time or the mental focus to sit down and write. I am writing now though, so that is all that counts.

Cameron turned 1 on Sunday! Can you believe it? He is such a joy to be around, and is everyday reminding me more and more of Rian. Just like his Daddy, he will pretty much do anything to get you to laugh. So cute and funny! He is also a little daredevil. He climbs whatever he can as high as he can just so that he can try and fling himself off of it. It makes me nervous, but Cameron and his Daddy think that it is so fun. Rian and I are constantly saying that we are going to have an X-Gamer. Cameron will be competing in some extreme sport in the future.

We had a big birthday bash for him on Saturday. It was a blast. A lot of kids were there which is just what we wanted. Cameron got to bust into his very own enormous giraffe birthday cake. He did great, but all the other kids looked envious. So after about 5 minutes of Cameron on his own, I let all of the kids dive in and eat as much as they wanted. That was a big hit for sure! Cameron did pretty well the rest of the time, but was worn out early. The next day, on his “real” birthday, I noticed he had a new tooth. He has two on the bottom already and now he has his top left eye tooth! He is going to be a little vampire for the summer!
We took him for his doctor’s appointment today, and to our surprise, he is in the 90% for height and only 10% for weight! He is a tall, skinny boy! So, we are going to work on feeding him so higher calorie foods for the next three months in the hopes that he will put a little bit of weight on. I teased our doctor (Dr. Compton – word to your mutha), and said that I would feed him straight McDonalds for the next three months. She said we didn’t need to be that extreme obviously. Well, he then had to get three shots, so on the way home, (you bet I did it) I bought him his very first Happy Meal. He loved it, minus the pickles. He is now sleeping away his shots and baby Tylenol and hopefully I will have a happy boy this afternoon!