This is Why I am a Teacher

I have had a rough couple of years with students who weren’t the greatest and were a little mean and overall…yucky. So Rian and I decided to have some of my favorite students over for dinner before the school year started. This was so (hopefully) their good student “ju-ju” would rub off on me, and I would get good students this school year. Here is the picture from that night (with a couple of extra people in it) I will tell you who everyone is and why I love them.
(Clockwise starting with Cameron)
Cameron: I love him because he is my baby and really, really cute and smart. I have also noticed recently that he has a love for playing and listening to music.

Lindsay: My cousin who graduated in 2009. She is attending the University of Wyoming. She is awesome, cool, pretty and wants to be a Special Ed teacher in the future.

Ryan: Graduated in 2008. He now plays basketball for the University of Denver! So cool! I love him because I had him for a couple of years in high school, he is funny, likes a lot of the same things I do, he trusted that I knew what I was talking about when it came to basketball, and he ALWAYS had girlfriend drama.

Emily: Graduated in 2009. Now going to Carroll College in Wisconsin. She is HILARIOUS! Her sophomore year when she was in my class she told me she had a crush on a certain senior. The next day I decided to do a group project and I paired her and him together on purpose! She was so embarrassed, but we still laugh about it today. One of my students who took 3rd in the NATION in DECA! Did I mention she is hilarious and has one of the best hearts you could ask for in a teenager.

Hayley: Graduated in 2009. Now going to Pepperdine University in California. Class valedictorian, placed 3rd in the Nation in DECA (with Emily as her teammate), has a good sense of fashion, and is awesome. If you ever meet her, ask her about how she got asked to Prom her senior year, so embarrassing and funny (well I think it is funny). She also has a good heart and I will love her and Emily for LIFE!

Abby: Graduated in 2007. I actually never had her in class, she was a DECA officer, and I just became close with her through that. She is on a full-ride scholarship to the University of Kansas and she just got back from traveling abroad last semester. Abby is awesome, trust me. Rian, Cameron and I and her entire family enjoy going out to dinner together every few months and loving on each other. The thing I love best about Abby is that she will tell you how great, cool, awesome, nice you are on a daily basis.

Schuyler: Graduated in 2007. Now attends Colgate University in New York. I also never had him in class, but he is awesome. One of the students who we met at the OAR concert this summer. He went on the NY trip that Rian and I did in 2006. He tested Rian’s limits, but now we know, he is just like us, and that is why we like to hang out with him.

Nelly: Graduated from the school of Bad Ass. She will be mean and awful to you, and then when she decides you are good, she will love you like crazy. She is the most loyal dog I have ever known. Sweet girl.

Tyler: Graduated in 2007. Now attends Regis University in Denver and plays for the soccer team. This is a kid that Rian and I first got to know really well on the NY trip. When Rian and I got home from the trip, we decided that this was a kid we wanted to be friends with after he graduated. We are friends with him, and he is an awesome person, who is smart, funny and helped me fix the garlic bread mess I created that night. He also attended the OAR concert with us. So so so fun.

Kevin: Graduated in 2008. Now attends CU Denver with a “crazy high” GPA. One of the kids who just got through high school. He did what he had to do to graduate and now he is kicking ass in college. I knew from the day that I saw his DUKE sweatshirt that we would be friends for life. He is quiet and shy, but he is an amazing guy and will do amazing things in life.

Shawn: He came with Lindsay that night, so we don’t really know him. We like him though, he laughed at all of our jokes. A very good trait to have if you ask me.


A few weeks ago, we had a bunch of things to do with Whitney and for Whitney. First, (if you don’t know) Whit is my bestie with leukemia. She was diagnosed in June and as of today is half way through her treatments. Here is what the Week-o-Whitney consisted of:

1. Whitney’s 30th Birthday! Whitney and I and our little families went out to dinner at the Denver Tech Center Tavern and afterwards hit up Baskin Robbins for dessert. Whitney had the most DISGUSTING combination of ice creams for her dessert. Daiquiri Ice and Bubblegum, so GROSS! But she liked it and that is all that matters.

2. Whitney’s “Girls Only” Birthday Party! When I planned this little party, I knew it couldn’t be a big, extravagant, going out until the break of dawn party. Whitney definitely wouldn’t be up for that. So, I found Color Me Mine at the Southlands. It is a pottery painting studio and we could have a little private party there. So, Rian made us some lasagna, Whit’s mom brought breadsticks and salad from Olive Garden and I got Big Fat Cupcakes. We all painted our different pottery pieces, ate and had a great time!
3. Whitney’s Cut-a-Thon for Cancer! On Saturday and Sunday that same weekend, Erin’s (Whitney’s sister) salon had a cut-a-thon and raised money for Whit and for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. I have already written a post about my haircut, but Cameron and I went and had fun looking at the fishies, watching people get their hair cut and both of us getting hair cuts for charity!

Locks of Love

Well, I did it. I got my hair chopped. That is right, chopped. I was going to grow it as long as I could to donate to Locks of Love, but I didn’t quite make it. However, I did donate my money to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society when I got my hair cut.

Whitney’s sister is a hairstylist at a really cute salon in Parker. They had a HUGE cut-a-thon last weekend to raise money for Whitney and the society. Every haircut was free, and all the money you chose to pay went straight to the society or Whit. So, I decided I loved Whitney a lot, and got my hair cut for her! I still consider it Locks of Love, don’t you? I got it cut really short because I wanted to make a big impact on the fact that I was actually doing it for a good cause.

Here is the first shot of my hair, I will add more pictures later on this evening, but wanted you to see my “self portrait” for now!