My Forehead in Pictures

I have had this problem with my forehead for a while now. I actually got this removed from my forehead about two months before Rian and I started dating. I went back to get it removed again in April. The results came back weird, not cancerous, not pre-cancerous, but prepre cancerous. There is a really long word for what it is called, but at this point in time I can’t think of it (I will post later if I remember). Basically it is pretty rare and the only way they stop coming back is to get it surgically removed.

This is me on my birthday in February before I got the mole shaved off. Look close, but it is definitely there.

This is me at Cameron’s birthday in June. I had the mole shaved off. I had to let that heal for a while before I went back last week to get it totally removed.

The day of the removal. While it looks like I have a huge knot on my head, it is actually just a pressure pack. While in surgery the doctor made a comment how the mole was bigger underneath my skin than he originally thought. He also said I was a “bleeder”. So, I had to leave this pack on for two days before switching to actual band aids.

Here I am today. A backwards “7” on my forehead. I am starting to feel twitches of “He Who Must Not Be Named” (for all you Harry Potter fans out there)! Luckily, my derm is trained in plastic surgery so the scar looks worse than it will in the future. I am okay with it though. I was getting nervous about the mole and tired of getting it removed every five years.