Follow Up on the Bed Sitch (as in situation)

I sent her an email. She sent one back. Here they are:

Hi Becky,

I just wanted to let you know that we are still holding the furniture for you. If I don’t hear back from you by tomorrow afternoon, I am going to repost it. Let me know!


I completely understand….I am sorry this is the circumstances we have found ourselves in. Please take care of you and your families needs first. That is the right thing to do under these circumstances. If I know anything either way, I will let you know.

Again, I apologize for this situation.


WTF? My new theory is that they spent all the money for the bed on the drugs that they are obviously doing. Any new theories?

My Poor Bestie

Here is an update from Whitney’s blog:

A lot has changed since my last update. Basically my flu results came back negative but this weekend I developed bad mouth sores. Fast forward to today and I am being admitted to the hospital. I am running a fever, having trouble eating and drinking and am in a lot of pain. The left side of my tongue is extremely swollen and I have sores everywhere!

The chemo drug Methotrexate that I was given last week destroys the mucus membranes around the body, including the mouth. And on top of that my immune system is compromised so I have no defense. Needless to say, horrible mouth sores are very common with this. They are in fact very surprised I hadn’t had mouth sores in the previous treatments.

So I will be heading over to Presbyterian St Lukes to receive IV fluids, IV antibiotics, and even a pain pump. My pain is so severe that I have a pain patch and have tried liquid Morphine and am still experiencing a lot of pain.

So I should be out in about 4-5 days and they don’t see this delaying my next treatment, thank the Lord. And I guess if I was to be hospitalized at least it won’t be the 3 week stay like last time.

Halloween – It’s So Much Better Now!

As soon as I graduated from high school, Halloween started going down the tubes for me. Gone were the days of Trick-or-Treating – I did this even as a senior with the disguise of taking my sister – and having fun. I then went to college where Halloween provided a lot of pressure. I now had to come up with either A) Awesome costumes that no one else thought of or B) Super slutty costumes that made my little size 4 (those days are LONG gone) college body look cute. I didn’t like it. I always felt bad when people would tell me how much fun they had and how much they loved Halloween and how they couldn’t wait for the parties. I don’t mind those people, in fact, I am glad they could have awesome nights. I just wasn’t in to it, and unfortunately, I still am not. Finally towards the end of college and into my “adult” life, I would go over to my parents and help them hand out candy, and then I moved into my own house and could give out the big candy bars and watch the sheer joy on kid’s faces when they get the big Snickers or Butterfinger. That will always be my favorite part of Halloween.


This little guy was born!

Now I have a whole new purpose – Making sure that Cameron has the best Halloween every year! Last year we started a new little tradition and we hope it can go through the years. We had our friends and family over on Halloween for Chicken Noodle Soup and Chili. Anyone could come and eat and bring their kids and let them trick-or-treat around the neighborhood or come over after trick-or-treating. We had a blast. Not a crazy drink-to-much party, just a fun little party for families, their kids and whoever else felt like I usually did on Halloween. We also had some people come, who then later on in the night went out on the town!

We are doing it again this year with a new added twist! My Mom, Rian and my Aunt Marcella are going to have a chili cook-off! Hopefully we can get a few more entries into the competition, but if not, it is still going to be a heated battle. My Aunt keeps telling Rian that he is going to cry like a little girl. Everyone should come just to see that!

Wait to see updated pictures of this year’s Halloween and what sweet little Cameron is going to be for Halloween this year!