Cameron Started a new Daycare Today

Here is the email I just got from Dawn, Cameron’s new daycare lady:

Good Morning–Cameron is here and doing fine. Had a little trauma this morning in the transfer from dad to myself but it was very short-lived. We are headed off to the library soon for storytime. Rian told me you would like to pay bi-weekly which is fine with me. Your payments may vary some depending on your schedule but are consistent for the month of December. You are not scheduled for the days off while school is out but you are paying for two days of care which you are welcome to use. Just let me know if you would like to do that. Have a great day and I’ll see you at pick up!!!

Tell me that is not the nicest thing to read?! (especially when you are stressed about new daycare). I cried for about 10 minutes during class, thank goodness my students are working on a group project!


Who still watches this show? I do, and I love it. This season is awesome. The guy I hated for being pretty douchy at the beginning of the season, Russell, has now become the one that I want to win. He has almost single-handedly changed the entire game and how it has been played. It is awesome. He has found the immunity idol twice with no clue, and once with a just a very small clue. It is a great season.

This Guy is Pretty Hot

Who am I turning into? He looks nothing like Justin Timberlake!

To get to a picture of “him” click HERE and then go to:

On the Street….Low V, Paris from NOV 17.

Also check out the blog The Sartorialist. I read about it in one of my magazines recently and I LOVE it. Link is on the right.

Carrie Prejean Sucks

There are PLENTY of reasons not to like this girl. I mean PLENTY. But, on the Today Show the other morning, Meredith Vieira was interviewing her. Carrie was talking about when she met Donald Trump for the first time. Her words, “And then the Donald came down and meeted us.” Meeted you? Aren’t gay bashing-sex tape wielding-Sarah Palin loving-beauty queens supposed to speak proper english on TV? I thinked so Carrie, I thinked.

(Did I mention the word on the street is that this girl released her own sex tape for a little press for the book she just wrote? Did I mention the girl got fake boobs to help her win? Did I mention Sarah Palin is her hero?)

A Timeline the Today Show did on this idiot:

Dec. 22, 2008
Carrie Prejean is crowned Miss California USA. After she wins the title, and before she represents her state at the Miss USA pageant, Miss California USA officials pay for Prejean’s breast-enhancement surgery.
April 19, 2009
Prejean finishes first runner-up at the Miss USA pageant broadcast live from the Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. She raises the ire of judge Perez Hilton by stating her opposition to same-sex marriage. Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton is crowned Miss USA.
April 20
Perez Hilton blisters Prejean on his blog and calls her a vulgar name.
April 26
Kristen Dalton, now the new Miss USA, defends Prejean’s statement on same-sex marriage during an interview with TODAY’s Al Roker.
April 27
Prejean gets a hero’s welcome at The Rock Church, an evangelical mega-church in suburban San Diego. She tells the congregation that she was pressured by Miss California pageant officials not to discuss her Christian faith and to apologize for her statements on same-sex marriage.
April 30
Prejean tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer she will continue to fight for “traditional marriage.” She also confirms that she has filmed an ad for the National Organization for Marriage and has agreed to be a spokesperson for the group. Miss California officials release a statement criticizing her for becoming so deeply involved in a “divisive and polarizing issue.”
May 1
Miss California pageant officials confirm that they paid for Prejean’s breast-enhancement surgery.
May 4
The gossip site publishes one photo of Prejean posing topless in pink panties and says it has five more photos in the set. Prejean is shown covering her breasts with her arm in the photo.
May 5
Prejean issues a statement defending the photo. She says she was 17 when they were taken and that they are from a model shoot.
May 6
Pageant officials cite rules prohibiting Miss California from posing nude or semi-nude and from representing outside organizations and say they are discussing whether to strip Prejean of her crown.
May 11
At a Beverly Hills press conference, Miss California USA officials say it’s up to Miss USA pageant owner Donald Trump whether or not Prejean should be stripped of her crown.
May 12
At a press conference, Donald Trump announces that Prejean will retain the title of Miss California USA. He also commends her for speaking her mind about same-sex marriage during the Miss USA Pageant.
May 13
On TODAY, Prejean admits there might be more racy photos of her; Trump defends his decision. Meanwhile, Miss California pageant co-director Shanna Moakler resigns from her post, saying that she had lost faith in the organization because of Trump’s decision to let Prejean keep the crown.
June 10
Carrie Prejean is stripped off her Miss California title less than a month after Donald Trump announced she would retain it, and commended her for speaking her mind about same-sex marriage. The Miss California USA organization cited Prejean’s unwillingness to make appearances on behalf of them, in violation of her contract, and said that they had Trump’s approval in terminating her.
June 12
Two days after being stripped of her title, Carrie Prejean disputes pageant director Keith Lewis’s claim that she failed to meet her contractual obligations as Miss California, saying that she was instead fired for her stand on same-sex marriage at the Miss USA pageant. “I’m here talking to you because of the answer I gave on that stage,” she tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer.
July 20
Prejean inks a book deal with conservative book house Regnery Publishing. Her memoir will be called “Still Standing” and will tell her side of the story, according to the publisher.
Aug. 31
Prejean sues pageant officials for libel, slander and religious discrimination, accusing them of telling her to stop mentioning God even before her controversial remarks against gay marriage.
Oct. 19
The franchise that operates the Miss California organization countersues Prejean.
Nov. 3
After a Prejean “sex tape” surfaces, Prejean drops her suit and settles with pageant officials, who reportedly paid her $100,000 to go toward her legal expenses.
Nov. 10
Prejean appears on TODAY and defends the recently surfaced erotic video of her as a youthful indiscretion. She also says negative things about pageant owner Donald Trump and discusses her book, “Still Standing.”

Bring it On!

Last night, when Rian was off playing basketball, Cameron and I decided to try our hand at dancing. We are good.

We did the Samba, Quick Step, Waltz and Tango.

Up and down our hall until we were both exhausted from laughing.

Cameron preferred the quick step because it was basically us skipping fast up and down the hall. He also liked the tango though, the big dip at the end was pure joy.

You should try it, it is really fun.

Bring it on DANCING WITH THE STARS! Cameron and I are already practicing!

Update on My Goals

I promise you, I have really been trying.

Every time I promise myself that I will not say the F word for the day, something really horrible or maddening happens and I have said it without even thinking. For example….

Yesterday I went to pick Cameron up at daycare. When his daycare lady brought him down, I asked her how her break was. She said it was awful because she had Swine Flu and now she has pneumonia!

Are you EFFING kidding me? You didn’t bother to EFFING call and tell me you had pneumonia before you took care of the sweetest baby on earth? Do you think that your sickness is more important the the health of my EFFING child? Do you need money that EFFING bad that you will watch my child with pneumonia without warning me? (Do you also understand that if my child gets sick from your nasty EFFING germs that you will be losing the money anyways?)

I have not quit biting my nails. Stress = nail biting. I have a lot of stress.

I just started my flossing for 30 days goal. I have to go the dentist next month (Rian’s dad is my dentist) and I want to make sure my dental health is in tip-top shape. Wish me luck.