My Holiday Wish List

I saw a few other people do this on their blogs (Baby Bump Mama, MO), so what the heck, I will too.

1. Redone engagement ring.
I have outgrown the beautiful engagement ring that Rian got for me almost 5 years ago. I am different, my life is different, my style has changed. Sort of. I am keeping the princess cut, moving the pink sapphires to earrings (hopefully) and redesigning my ring to look like this:I love this ring. Minimalistic, still beautiful and suits the lifestyle of “Working Mommy” much better.

2. Extensions. Have you seen my hair lately? Let me remind you. This is a picture of me and one of my besties, Christine, when she came to visit before Thanksgiving. Isn’t her hair long and luxurious?

3. Running Shoes. Whitney, her husband Brandon, Rian and I are going to run a half marathon in June to continue the celebration of life. I need new running shoes for this, and not Nike ones. They are not good for my feet anymore!

4. Sewing Machine. Another craft you ask? Yes, another craft. I want to learn how to make my own Christmas stockings next year. I want to learn how to make my own baby bedding for the next time I have a baby. I want to sew stuff. Nothing to expensive, but nice enough that I can use it to “grow”.

5. Department 56 Christmas Village Houses. I have 6 of them so far. My Mom gives me one or two every Christmas. I love them and they are so pretty. Cameron has learned how to say “houses” and he loves to look at them as well.

6. Yarn. No crocheter (or knitter for that matter) could EVER have to much yarn. I like the cheap stuff (Caron Simply Soft) and I like the expensive stuff (Tilly Thomas Rock Star).

7. Books. For when I find time to read.

8. CDs (or iTunes Gift Cards) Do people still buy CDs? I do, Rian get’s mad at me when I do. It just scares me to have all of my music on a computer that could die sooner or later, or that I could drop.

9. Bedroom set. While we sold ours this fall, it has yet to be replaced. I cannot for the life of me decide what I want. Anyone have any hand-me-down bedroom sets for a king sized mattress they are willing to part with for a while? Call me. The actual set I want (if I had the money) is from Pottery Barn. It is the Farmhouse Canopy Bed. I heart it.

10. Anything from Dogeared. ANYTHING. Jewelry, house stuff and JOURNALS!

"Thank You"

I was reading my friend Becky’s blog MOMS QUESTIONS, and it made me think of a funny story about Cameron that recently happened.

Our doctor separates the flu shot into two shots. So Cameron got one in October, and then had the second half in November. The one in October was pretty stressful he had to get FOUR shots that day, so he was a little upset to say the least. The good thing was that the doctor and two nurses came in and they did all the shots at once.

In November, all he had was the second flu shot. He laid on the table, I held the top part of his body, a nurse held his legs and the doctor gave him the shot. He cried for about 10 seconds and then looked at the doctor and said “Thank You” in the cutest little voice you have ever heard.

Next Time

Please remind me of this next time I decide to cut my hair short. Resend me this post, send me a nasty email, tell me I am a moron, whatever. Just do it.

Reese is one classy lady. I am going blond when my hair gets back to me.

Can you go wrong with long loose waves? I think not.

This is a beautiful long hair updo via Sandra Bullock. She is one of my favorite famous people. So gorgeous and classy and I think that if I met her we would be instant besties.

My other FAVORITE movie star. Kate Winslet. The girl doesn’t take a wrong step. Ever.

Does anyone watch So You Think You Can Dance? Cat Deeley is the host and her hair always looks fabulous.

Please don’t let the braid go out of style before my hair gets long again. Is it out of style already?

One more of Lauren. Hot.

Sticking with The Hills girls, Kristen’s hair always looks beautiful to me. Even when she is laying in bed with Justin Bobby after a long night of….gambling….or something like that in Sin City.

I have NEVER been a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s hair. This was a RECENT hairdo at the Emmy’s. Are you kidding me JLove? This looks 80s Prom at best.