Cameron did NOT want to get shots today. He also wouldn’t let us take off his shoes.
You know he is really tired when his head nods to the side!

At the bacon and eggs and Cherry Creek Mall.

Rian and I went to lunch, and Adele Arakawa was sitting right by us. I used some stealth picture taking techniques to capture this shot.

“Diiiiiiiip!” Cameron would prefer to eat dip with just his fingers. Gross.

I did it!

I didn’t eat fast food for a month. The only thing I did eat was a chargrilled chicken sandwich on a whole wheat bun from Chik-fil-A. But, REALLY my goal was for me not to eat cheeseburgers and french fries at a fast food place. I did it!

Guess what else? I have lost 9 pounds. My new goal is to lose 15 by my birthday on the 27th, I think I can do it!