Spring Break 2010: Day 2

1. Slept in a little bit.
2. Went shopping with my Mom. Got a dress for Erin’s wedding and an Easter/Wedding outfit for Cameron.
3. Went to Chili’s for lunch.
4. Crocheted while Cameron napped.
5. Walked up to the park with Cameron and played on the slides and swings for a while.
6. Watched some Yo Gabba Gabba and then the babe took another nap! (I think it was the wind at the park combined with us walking there.)
7. Ate chips and salsa for dinner.
8. Gave the babe a bath.
9. Watched Biggest Loser and American Idol minus commercials!

Spring Break 2010: Day 1

1. Slept in.
2. Watched Aladdin with the babe.

3. Went and got my hair done.
4. Ate milk and cookies.
5. Watched Enews.
6. Got Tokyo Joes To-Go.
7. Ate while watching Dancing with the Stars
8. Watched Jungle Book with Cameron until 9:45. (I let him stay up late and watch a movie…it was a blast.)

Not done yet…to be continued!

I Want These

Aren’t these cute?

I might get them for my 4 year Anniversary. They have flowers on them. The traditional gift for 4 year anniversary is flowers and fruit. Can you think of anything that is not OVER-THE-TOP lame to get your husband that incorporates fruit and flowers? I can’t and he can’t think of anything for me. So, we are going to forgo presents this year and go to a really nice dinner and I am going to eat a fruity dessert or drink a fruity cocktail.

I think next year’s Traditional gift is wood. I can hear the jokes starting already :-)

Sleepy Time Items

Cameron is so cute.

His new “thing” is to take a new item with him when he goes to bed every night. In the past, it has usually been a stuffed animal. However over the past two weeks or so it has changed to a bunch of different things. Here are a few sleepy time items so far:

  • basketball
  • the farmer from his Fischer Price farm (a small plastic guy)
  • the St. Patrick’s Day card that Elaine sent in the mail to him – cute side story on that one. I gave it to him in the car to open. He proceeded to open it and pulled out the card and yelled, “Oh awesome!” Isn’t that so cute? He then wanted to take it with him when he went to bed that night.
  • Books (see picture evidence from last night below)

Disney on Ice!

Cameron got to go to Disney on Ice today with daycare! Can you believe that? We even had to pack a little sack lunch for him, which was so cute but made me sad that he is growing up.

Mrs. Dawn said he was enthralled and just loved it. He was cheering and clapping and dancing! He did get a little scared when the big whale from Pinocchio came out because it was loud and shook his chair a little. He was in the front row after all!

I don’t blame you for being scared little guy, I am an adult and that movie kind of scares me a bit as well.


I know this is a topic under fire, however Cameron has all of his and got them regularly. Including the Flu shot and H1N1. I work with a bunch of dirty, gross, sick children. Of which, 8 have had H1N1! 8 STUDENTS IN MY CLASS! I am not going down with that yucky sickness, and I am not letting my family go down with it either.

Here is a post my friend BECKY wrote about the topic. I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I wrote an open letter to the person that she is referring to in this blog post. Here is a copy of it, (with names changed for protection) for your enjoyment:

Open letter to Amy:
Well, I hope your kid doesn’t get measles and die someday. Or pass it on to a bunch of kids and then it mutates and kills even more people including all of the children

Also Amy, remember when you stabbed your leg because Kevin Arnold dumped you? I do. I bet you were glad you got that tetanus shot because you used a dirty knife to stab your leg.

Regards, Jennifer

Tales from Daycare

I was a little worried about Cameron this morning because I didn’t think he was feeling well. Here is an email I just got from Mrs. Dawn:

He is just fine. Was smiling about 3 minutes after you left. We are getting ready to play in shaving cream– a little tactile stimulation today—fun, fun!! No fever and seems to be feeling okay. I’ve added Cameron on the 25th and yes you can just add that to your next payment. Have a splendid day!! D