I am SERIOUSLY debating getting a Nook or Kindle. I like that you can get books cheaper, read them right away and read a bunch of books without having to lug them all around.

However, I am not sure that I want to give up buying a nice book and cracking it open and being able to “love on it.”

What do you think?

I Must Admit

I was addicted to Farmville. Bad. I know it sounds weird, lame, stupid, whatever you want to think. But, I love playing it. I don’t have to think about anything else.

However, I was really addicted. There were points on certain weekends that I made Rian and Cameron wait to go places or make them come home early so that I could farm. So I decided to take off the entire month of April from farming to see if I could do it. I did.

Now, I think that I am going to quit for good. During my month off, I finished crocheting two blankets, read a few books, and had more time for Rian.

Now, I just need to make myself quit getting the updates. I am still working up some courage for that.


Two years after painting the master bedroom a lovely shade of blue, I have finally found bedding that goes amazingly with it! Guess from where? TARGET OF COURSE!

It is a beautiful neutral tan with just the slightest amount of bluish/gray just like our walls.
You can’t really see the blue in the picture, but it is there, just subtle.

I love it!

Baby Boy Vaughn

Paul Ryan Vaughn was born on Friday April 16th to my friend’s Elaine and Ryan! Isn’t he so cute?

I haven’t seen him yet because Cameron has a runny nose (not sure if it is allergies or a cold yet), but I don’t want to freak out the new parents. Someone did that to us when Cameron was a babe and they brought their kid to visit. I knew he was teething, but it totally freaked me out at the time, and I don’t want to do that to someone else. So…we will be patiently waiting to see this sweet little guy!

Time Out

While Cameron is a good baby 95% of the time, he has been starting to throw a few temper tantrums. Usually it is because we are not giving him what he wants and he gets mad and starts screaming, crying and hitting. So, I put him in time out. I said loudly, “You are going to time out.” Then I sit him on the bottom stair and walk away. It worked pretty effectively. It still works effectively, but…

This is a picture of Cameron getting mad at his Daddy before leaving for daycare in the morning. He is pointing at Rian and telling him NO!

Last night he started to throw a small tantrum and I said, “Do you need to go to time out?” He said yes, grabbed his KiKi and walked over to the stairs and sat on them himself. He also waited until I came over to get up. It was so cute and sad at the same time.

It got me thinking about something I read about just having a “cool down” spot for kids because that is what they need MOST of the time and time outs should be reserved for only when the child behaves badly.

So, am I doing this right? Should I let him still just walk himself to time out? Should I let him take his KiKi when he is kind of in trouble? What do I need to be giving time outs for?

I hate punishing my baby, so to lighten up the mood, here are a few recent pictures.

Eating spaghetti or “sketti”.
Enjoying warm weather with the window rolled down in the car.
Kickin’ it at the park.
So cute.