Weiner Dog Festival

The really cool thing about Canon City (where Rian is from) is that over the summer they have tons of festival type things. We went to one in June called the “Smoke Out Festival.” I like to refer to it as The Weiner Dog Festival though because the best part of the whole weekend is the weiner dog races and costume contest!

We got to take my nephew Noah with us and even though it rained the ENTIRE time, we had a blast! Our main goal was to wear the HECK out of our two little boys and judging by the pictorial evidence, I think it worked! Check out the pictures.

On our way to Canon, wearing matching sunglasses and CSU Rams jerseys!
Yep, they have matching rain coats!

Getting ready to bounce on the very wet bounce house.

Touch the sky!

Eating hot dogs on a stick. Big hit for the night.

Look at those curls from all the rain and humidity!

Noah always trying to make people smile and laugh.

Back home and ready to get in the hot tub. Must get some good piano playing in first.

Cameron and Noah shared an air mattress bed that night. Out like lights within 5 minutes or less!

The next morning, out on a nature walk with Daddy and Papa John.

Starting to get tired, cuddling with Nana.

On our way home, we made it 10 minutes out of Canon when I took this picture.

My Baby is 2!

I totally understand I am behind. I have had a busy summer.

Cameron turned 2 on June 28th this year and we had a BLAST!

Rian and I took Cameron to the Denver Aquarium late morning.

He loved looking at the “Nemo” fish, but the biggest hit of the day was definitely the sharks!

We then came home and took a little nap before the “big party” that night. The party consisted of going to my parents house and opening presents.

Eating spaghetti (Cameron requested sketti)

Then going on a long golf cart ride with Noah and the balloons!
After the golf cart rides, we had birthday cake. (Noah got a little jealous of the singing and candles, so we lit him some candles and sang “For he’s a jolly good fellow.” It was perfect. I recommend that to anyone who is having a birthday party with other little kids present!)

Then we ran through the sprinklers with no pants on!
Is there any better way to spend your 2nd Birthday? No way, this was the best!