Guess who is going to DISNEYLAND?

WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are going over Fall Break next Saturday and I cannot wait!

Here is the amazing reason we get to go:

  • Rian’s parents got a free trip with their time share. It was at certain locations within the lower 48 states. They transferred it to us and all we had to do was pay $100 to reserve it!
  • This summer Rian and I went to St. Louis. On the way back, Southwest overbooked the flight. They made an announcement that they would hook you up with some stuff if you offered to take the later flight. I knew immediately that we could do it. Rian’s parents were watching Cameron and we weren’t going to get him until the next day anyways. I had heard or read somewhere that if you wait 3 times for them to announce and get people to take their bait, it get’s sweeter. It sure did. Rian and I each got more than $500 worth of vouchers that we could use or transfer to someone else.
  • Rian travels a lot. When he travels he uses the same rental car company. He racked up so many miles this year, that he has tons of free rentals.

So, we are going to Cali for free! We can’t wait, and we are already trying to talk up all of the rides that Disneyland has to offer to Cameron. He doesn’t quite get it, but I think he is going to love it when we get there!

What’s Going to Happen?

Cameron is doing and saying some of the funniest things lately! I write them down in a journal/baby book, but I thought some others might be interested too!

  • Cameron HATED wearing anything on his head until about a month ago. Somehow, I convinced him that if he wore a hat, the sun would stay out of his eyes. This did the trick, and now almost every day for an entire month, he has worn a hat. This includes his CSU Ram hat, his Disney Squirt hat and a silly straw hat. He loves wearing them so much, he even wore the hat to take a nap in the other day. He will wear it backwards or forwards and it is so cute. He loves it so much that he even had to wear it to his uncle and (now) auntie’s wedding rehearsal. I was terrified I wasn’t going to get him down the aisle on wedding day without wearing one.
Cameron making a silly face while wearing his Squirt hat.
Cameron at the rehearsal dinner. I tried to class it up with some linen pants.
  • When Cameron and I get home from work/school/daycare everyday, we walk in and immediately let the dogs out to go potty. Apparently, I was calling Macy “Honey” a lot. One day, we walk in and Cameron says, “Go outside Honey!” For the rest of the day he called Macy Honey and he still does it occasionally.
  • He is TALL and has BIG feet. He almost wears a size 9 in shoes and on his 2nd Birthday he was 36 inches tall!
  • Cameron growls, screams, hoots, hollers, etc. Whatever noise an animal makes, Cameron likes to pretend he is that animal too and will make the noises.
  • He loves to play outside. One of his favorite weekend pastimes is picking up dog poo with his Daddy. Rian and I are not sure where he got that from, because neither of us like to pick up dog poo.
Cameron playing with his Daddy outside by the Fish Creek Falls in Steamboat this summer!
  • He loves going to the zoo which is great because Rian’s parents got us a membership for Cameron’s birthday. We have it really timed out well so that we get to see the seal show and then go watch the Lions eat their lunch. Cameron grows at them to try to get their attention.

Cameron pointing to the Seals at the zoo with his cousin Noah.
  • He loves babies. He loves to see real babies, he loves to play with his baby doll, he loves anything that has to do with him. His latest thing is getting his baby doll “Baby Kearney” and putting it to sleep on the pillow and covering it up with a KiKi so it doesn’t get cold. He also thinks it is too funny when Rian or I cuddle with Baby Kearney.

Cameron playing with Baby Paul. We now refer to every baby we see as “Baby Paul”.
  • Cameron likes to dance! When he hears a beat he likes, he either starts jumping around or dancing. One of his and Daddy’s favorite songs to dance to is Memories by David Guetta. This happened last night. The song came on, Cameron yelled “Yay!” and then said, “Shake your butt Mommy!” So cute.
  • If we are watching Cars or Princess and the Frog for the 5 millionth time, Cameron will walk up to you and breathlessly whisper “What’s going to happen?”
  • My little dude still loves to cuddle with his Mommy and Daddy. You can tell when he is getting tired, because sometimes he will just come up to you with KiKi and sit in your lap, or he will ask. Or, he will ask if you want to lay down on the couch or in bed with him. It is very hard to say no to a little guy asking to cuddle with his Mommy or Daddy.

Cameron cuddling with Daddy after a long day.
  • He sings along with us! He knows a few songs, so he tries to sing along with us. There is nothing more precious than hearing a little, sweet voice coming out of the backseat singing the “Elephant Song” with us.