Holiday Card Preview – 2010

Every year I give a little Christmas card preview of the photos we may or may not use. This is year is extra special because I am also going to give you a preview of the ACTUAL Christmas card we are going to use!

Wonder why I am doing this? Because Shutterfly is awesome.

They are running a special promotion that allows bloggers to write up a little something, and you get free cards in return! Isn’t that awesome? I think it is.

I use Shutterfly for everything picture related. I have this SITE where I post all of my photos for friends and family to see and order from if they so desire. I order my Christmas cards from them every year. I made a Guest Book for Brett and Kristi’s wedding with pictures from their ENGAGEMENT SHOOT.

This year, when we got our PROFESSIONAL PICTURES, I knew I had to get some killer Christmas cards.

Here is my favorites from Shutterfly:

This is a good one to show off more than one picture from a set of pictures.

I like this one because of it’s simplicity and beauty. You really can’t get more beautiful at Christmas than snowflakes.

I love this one also because of it’s simplicity but with the pizazz of the “sparkly” JOY. Perfect for one good picture.

I love the Christmas Light String. My first Christmas card picture was of Cameron with a string of lights. I like the colors of this one also.

Now…which picture(s) should I choose?

Black and white or color? Entire family or just Cameron? One picture or a lot of pictures? Help me decide!!!

P.S. If you are interested in getting your Holiday cards from Shutterfly, click HERE. Or if you want to check out their calendars, photo books or any other photo gifts, just click on the links!

P.P.S. I am definitely getting some of THESE!

Fingernails – Update #1

I am doing alright with my quitting. The hard part is when they start growing a bit, they have really bad jagged edges. This is when I would naturally bite them right off. Just yesterday, I filed the jagged edges down. I am also dealing with the bad cuticles. You can probably see this in the picture with a sore on my ring finger. So disgusting. But, the good news is, looking at these pictures makes me want to vomit. So, I look at them everyday.

Start of Week 1.

Start of Week 3. Do you see the white at the edges?

My Christmas Wish List – 2010

Rian asked me to do this for him, I happily obliged!

These are in no particular order, just things that I have been thinking that I would like.

1. Tiffany Peace Necklace
I have always loved all things Peace. Always. This is a new necklace, just released this year, and I love it. Find it HERE.
2. Amazon Gift Cards
Remember that I recently got the new Kindle? I did. It would be awesome to get some Amazon gift cards so that I could buy books electronically for free! Find gift cards HERE.
3. Kindle Cover
With the new Kindle still in mind, I need some sort of cover for it. You can get those many different places, Amazon being one of them. To find Kindle Covers, go HERE.
4. Sperry TopSider Leopard Print Loafers
I am having a bit of a shoe crisis at my house right now. My feet grew when I was pregnant with Cameron, and I think they are growing again. I went up a 1/2 size with Cameron and we’ll see what happens this time around. So, right now I am a bit low on shoes. I ADORE these. Check them out HERE.
That is it! Can you believe it? Only 4 items!

Stay tuned for a play-by-play on what I plan on getting Cameron for Christmas and what I think Cameron should get me for Christmas.

Cameron’s California Adventure

Rian and I wanted to take Cameron on a last hurrah before his brothers or sisters come and also while I was still comfortable traveling. We were supposed to go a few weeks ago, but had to reschedule because of some work related stuff. So we went this past weekend.


I found myself teary eyed a few times because of the fact that Cameron was so excited and smiling and glad to see everything.

So, without further ado, our trip to California…in pictures.

Cameron got his very own seat on the airplane. He was so excited to see the trucks and other planes.

So excited in fact, that he fell asleep 10 minutes after the plane took off and didn’t wake up until about 10 minutes before we landed.

We are finally at Disneyland! We are taking the shuttle to Downtown Disney to get some dinner and explore. Cameron loved riding the buses almost more than he enjoyed the rides at Disneyland.

Waiting in line for dinner. Just chillin’ with his hands in his pockets.

We ate dinner at a Mexican Restaurant located in Downtown Disney. They had a balloon artist and Cameron requested a shark. Funny story: On the way out of the restaurant, there was a group of 20-something year old girls. Cameron is carrying his shark, he walks by them, sees a girl and pretends the shark is biting her. He shoves the shark into her boobs and growls at her. Hilarious. The girls at the table all got a good laugh and of course told us how cute Cameron is. Mission accomplished.

Do you think we wore our little guy out? Airplane, bus, Downtown Disney, hitting on chicks, dinner = tired babe.

Most of the rides wouldn’t allow photography during the ride. So a lot of our pictures are from waiting in line. This was our very first ride, “Pirates of the Carribean.” Cameron was a tiny bit scared going down the little hills on the boat, but all of the characters and other stuff, he was just fine. If you were on our boat, you would of heard things like, “Oooohhh, look at that cute puppy.” “Wow! Treasure!” “I don’t want to get wet Mommy.”

Being the boy he is, Cameron was more interested in the flying spaceships instead of the flying Dumbo ride. Daddy took him on this one while I put my feet up and rested a while.

Mommy and Cameron on one of Cameron’s potential “favorites” for the day. He LOVED the carousel and cried when we had to get off. The other big favorite: The Jungle Cruise. The only ride that we actually rode twice that day.

Mommy and Cameron after “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!”

Did I mention that the day we were there was the first day of Disney Christmas? It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The entire park was decorated in Christmas decorations. It was the first day of the Christmas parade. There was a giant Christmas tree. Above is Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Do you see the snow on it? That was the first day! At 5:30 when it got dark, they did a lighting of the castle and made it snow in Disneyland! THEY MADE IT SNOW! The castle was lit up with millions of icicle lights.

One of the trees that I got a picture of in the park.

Disneyland all day. Drive to Oceanside right afterwards (about an hour and a half). What a trooper. He fell asleep in this position and didn’t wake up when we changed his diaper, shirt or pants. He slept like a little rock. So did Rian and I.

Day 2. Sea World. We also ate lunch at In N’ Out Burger before heading there…delicious as usual. We hit up Sea World and it was far from crowded. We felt like no one was there compared to Disneyland the day before. Here is Daddy and Cameron touching starfish!

Cameron waiting to see the Shamu show. We got there a bit early and were watching them play. There were 2 babies and 3 larger ones. You should have seen the babies playing. Jumping all over the place and entertaining us! Isn’t Cameron’s new Lighting McQueen hat from Disneyland cute? He has barely taken it off even to sleep the past four days.

Daddy and Cameron watching the Shamu show. They both thought it was hysterical when Shamu splashed everyone in the first few rows.


Daddy and Cameron after the show checking out Shamu up close.

Cameron loves sharks. He was very interested in this one.

The brand new dolphin show at Sea World. Pretty awesome. A bunch of dolphins, divers and crazy tricks!

When we were leaving Sea World, we saw these two people taking pictures of each other by their cars. We thought it was kind of funny, so we did the same. It was a beautiful view and sunset in the background, but there were a lot of cars too. Rian is obviously trying to be a serious model in this picture.

And last but not least…the view from our hotel in Oceanside. This was right across the street from us.

We had a glorious time in California. Now it is time for us to focus on getting ready for these twins.