Belly Update: Week 17

Going to the doctor today to make sure everything is growing okay! I think it is (obviously).

Can you believe I have only gained 7 pounds? Eating is just not my favorite thing this pregnancy. Actually, strike that. Eating ice cream and cookies is just not my favorite thing this pregnancy. Compared to Cameron, I had gained about 15 by this point. Weird.

Something I am Still a Little Sad About

Must get this off my chest.

I obviously had some pretty bad fertility problems. Not the worst of the worst, but enough for me to possibly need some therapy in the future. Anyways…

Rian and I found out we were pregnant on Day 9 after I had my “get pregnant” procedure. I just had a feeling and took a test. It was WAY early for us to find out, but we did, I went to the doctor and received some very high numbers (they are called Betas, which should double every 48 hours-ish in the first couple months). My betas were SO HIGH the first few times, we kind of had a feeling there was more than one. Possible more than two. My numbers were matching the numbers of triplets and quadruplets.

Then I felt some major cramping. My doc said just to come in and do a quick ultrasound even though I was less than a week away from my official 6 week ultrasound.

The cramping was from the stretching my uterus was already doing because I DEFINITELY had more than one baby in there. At 5weeks and 5 days pregnant, I had 3 babies in there. We couldn’t see babies at that time, all you could see were gestational sacs, but there were three. They bumped back my ultrasound to 7 weeks since I had just seen them. Rian and I spent that week and a half in SHOCK. Three babies? OMG. We need a minivan. We need a nanny. I am going to have to go on bed rest at the hospital. What is Cameron’s life going to be like? OMG.

At 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant, I went back. There were only two babies. One didn’t make it. My doctor tried to make me feel better by saying that it very well could have been a shadow my uterus was making with their ultra-sensitive ultrasound machine, but I just KNOW it was a baby.

While I am ecstatic that I am having twins, and a little relieved that I won’t have to be put on mandatory hospital bed rest (like they do with triplets), I am still sad that the third little babe didn’t make it.

And…I keep seeing all those damn triplet commercials for the Nissan cars and the Chase Credit card. And the ones with the three cute little girls who all have their own personality but are triplets (I don’t remember what company that is for).

Everyday I think about that little babe. But then I try to remember that it is not alone up there, it is up there with the other 2 little babes I lost. I have 3 in heaven now, and soon to be, three on earth. That helps to bring me some comfort every day.

Don’t know what to get your wife/baby momma for Christmas?

Dear Dads (or Moms who read this and then forward on to their husband),

I know what you can get your wife – from your child – that is special, easy, and can go on and on through many gift giving holidays.

A charm bracelet. Easy as that.

Start with Christmas and get the actual bracelet and just one charm. Then, as years go on, through Mother’s Days, Birthdays and Christmas’, your child can always just go and pick out a charm for Mommy and give it to her. It is seriously so easy.

Here is an example (I will use James Avery jewelry, however there are many more companies that sell charm bracelets. I like James Avery because they have an entire “Create Your Own Charm Bracelet” feature on their website):

Here is a nice starter bracelet to add charms to.

The medium twist bracelet in silver – $49.
Then add charms! Here are a few of my faves right now…

  • The jingle bell charm (for Christmas)
  • The Birthday Cupcake Charm
  • The ABC Apple Charm (I am a teacher)
  • The Popcorn Charm (I LOOOOVE going to the movies and eating popcorn for dinner with Rian)
  • The Peace Charm (because I love Peace signs and anything peace really)
  • The Initial J
  • The Baby Shoes Charm (you can get names and birthdays engraved on the bottom!)
  • The Flip Flop Charm (because it reminds me of summer and Mexico)

These are just a few I like, but really, if Cameron picks it out…I don’t care what it looks like, I will love it!