I miss tanning. Tanning in a tanning bed when it is cold and dreary outside like it is today. I haven’t tanned in about 5-6 years, and today of all days, I can’t stop thinking about it.

The first time I “fake tanned” I was a junior in high school. Never regularly, until mid-college. I was working at the library on campus 15 hours per week, doing 15-18 credits per semester and I got another job. At a laundromat/tanning salon. I only worked there about 10 hours per week, but it was a good job and I got to tan on days like this. I worked there about a year, and never tanned regularly, but more than I ever had. The only time I realized I was tanning a lot was during the months of January and February that I worked there.

Maybe I should go to a doctor and see if I have a small case of SAD.

So today, when I am not feeling good at all, it is yucky out, and there are a few sad things going on around me, I really wish that I could go lay in the tanning bed. Listen to some country jams (my favorite music to listen to while tanning), maybe fall asleep, and get really warm and toasty.

26 Weeks

Today I turned 26 weeks pregnant. I am giant. Very giant. Giant enough to illicit unwanted comments, stares, and very large measurements at my doctor’s office. Here is the picture so you can see what all the hullabaloo is about.

More Golden Globes – 2011

I have been such a slacker on the blog! Here is the catching up part…

Best Dressed and Best Guys at the 2011 Golden Globes.


7. Carrie Underwood

I love a pretty, sparkly dress on a youngish girl. She just always looks so pretty!

6. Emma Stone

This is a Calvin Klein dress in peach. How many times do we see stars wearing peach? Not often, and I loved it. I also loved how they would show her during the “commercial breaks” and I kept saying, who is that? She looks so happy and pretty. Good work Emma and your stylist!

5. Jane Krakowski

Maybe it’s just me, but I love a pretty pregnancy bump dress. I loved this. Still a bit sexy with the high slit, but classy, and showed off the bump just right.

4. Catherine Zeta Jones

While normally, big, ballroom, flowy dresses aren’t my style, I loved this. She looked so pretty and I loved the hair.

3. Eva Longoria

If only I had somewhere to wear this dress someday! I absolutely love it! The cut-out on the back is beautiful and I love the little detail around the cut-out. So pretty, so perfect.

2. Mila Kunis

Another emerald green dress? Yep, and this one is fantastic. One-shouldered, strap in the back, on Mila. Fantastic.

1. Claire Danes

Another Calvin Klein dress. Calvin, when I become really skinny and famous, I obviously would like to wear your dresses. This one is AMAZING. I put two pictures up of it for a reason. All the pictures from the red carpet played off as a lighter color pink, but then when I saw Claire on TV, the color seemed darker pink like the first picture. This is the second year that Claire has killed it at the Golden Globes. KILLED IT. Just fabulous.

There is only one best guy and it is…

Jon Hamm. Be still my heart.

Oh No! Anderson Cooper got Punched!

I understand you are mad Egyptians, but leave Anderson OUT OF THIS. Do not get near those baby blues again.
Anderson Cooper details attack by angry Cairo mob

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – CNN’s Anderson Cooper said he and his crew were punched and kicked in Cairo on Wednesday by supporters of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, but that they escaped with just scratches as anti-government protests turned deadly.

The incident occurred as supporters of Mubarak rushed a crowd of his detractors, charging on horses and camels and wielding sticks and petrol bombs. The anti-Mubarak protesters fought back by throwing rocks at their attackers.

Cooper told Reuters in a phone interview from Egypt that he and his CNN crew were walking through a crowd of Mubarak supporters heading toward the melee, when a man tried to grab their camera.

Members of the crowd punched and kicked Cooper in the head and body, and set upon the rest of the crew, including female producer Maryanne Fox, he said.

“We were moving quickly and a bunch of guys who hit us were also on the move, a lot of it was sort of glancing blows,” Cooper said.

The TV journalist said he and his crew escaped with just scratches, but that the crowd tried to tear off Fox’s clothes.

“There was some thought that maybe someone in the crowd recognized me, but I couldn’t know for sure,” Cooper said. “I think anyone with a camera is under threat in that crowd.”

Escorted by some of the protesters, the journalists were able to get away to a building where they ascended several stories and described the melee in a broadcast on CNN.

Separately, ABC journalist Christiane Amanpour said in a statement that she and her crew also were confronted on Wednesday in Cairo by protesters.

“An angry mob surrounded us and chased us into the car, shouting that they hate America,” Amanpour said. “They kicked in the car doors and broke our windshield as we drove away.”

Egyptian state television reported at least one death from Wednesday’s protest, along with more than 400 people wounded. The clashes followed recent days of relatively calm protests in Egypt where anti-government demonstrators are calling for Mubarak to resign.

Mubarak, 82, declared on Tuesday that he would not stand in elections scheduled for September, but protesters continue to deride the president and demand that he step down immediately.

(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis: Editing by Bob Tourtellotte)