Funny "Game Day" Text

I have two former favorite students who attend CSU. Ben and James are awesome and I love them.

They have been teasing me since I told them I was pregnant with twins that I needed to name the babies Ben and James.

The day they were born (game day) I sent out a mass text that said “Collin Robert and Casey John are here!”

Here is the text I got back from Ben: “That is a weird way of spelling Ben and James but congratulations!”

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Collin Robert and Casey John!

They were born Sunday, April 17th at 1:22 and 1:23pm! What a beautiful day

My very short, but sweet birth story:

Thursday night I started feeling bad. I was having major rolling contractions from back to front (they hurt my butt, has anyone else had that?) and they were about every 5-6 minutes for about an hour and a half. I called Rian, who was at a work function, and made him come home to rub my head and calm me down. It worked. I didn’t call my doctor that night.

Friday night, exact same thing happened as the night before. I didn’t call the doctor that night.

Saturday. I woke up and could barely walk because there was so much pressure in my nether regions. I had been having a lot of pressure for about three weeks, but this was worse than normal. So bad in fact that while I was peeing that day I had a talk with the babies. I basically begged them to come out of me soon and that if they came the next day I would get their daddy to buy them a car when they turned 16. I was crying. I was done. Mentally and physically exhausted. So tired and so grumpy. My dad called me that night to check on me because I looked so terrible that day. On a whim, Rian decided to go to Dairy Queen that night. I decided on a Peanut Buster Parfait, totally forgetting all about the “thing”. My mom ate a PBP The night before she went into labor with y sister and I. Apparently, about 4 others my mom told that too, worked for them too. Worked for me!

Sunday. I woke up and went potty. I saw blood. Not a lot, but enough. I decided to wait and eat breakfast to see if more would come. More came and so did the rolling back, butt, vagina pain contractions I then decided to take a shower because each time I have been to the hospital before, I haven’t showered and regretted it. I knew if I called my doc, he would make me come in, so I showered. I started having stronger contractions while I showered. Then Rian showered. And THEN I called my doc about 11:15ish. He said, “Come in and be prepared that this MIGHT be the day we meet these twins.” Rian and I took our time. My mom came and got Cameron, Rian and I made our bed for the first time in history, we talked about what to pack. We made sure we had cameras just in case, etc. Basically, we took our time. Then about 11:50, we headed to the hospital….

We get to the hospital at 12:15. While walking in, I say to myself that if this IS the day, then the babes will probably be here around 7pm. I had no idea. We get to the labor and delivery unit and the nurse takes us in our room and says “we were worried about you guys. The doctor even called your house to see where you were.”. Hmmm…

I get changed, do my urine sample (tmi- which wasn’t pretty), and walk out. Rian asks the nurse what is happening. She says that I am going to get on the monitors for a few minutes and then surgery time. He says, “so what is the eta? I need to call parents.”. She says, “your surgery is scheduled for 1:00pm.”. It was 12:35.

They frantically do everything to me. Trying to put an iv in so fast that the nurse blows vein #1, which still hurts today. They check me, I am almost dilated to 2cm. Get this. I am having contractions every 2 minutes! Ouchy! Now I know what that back, butt and vagina pain was all about! I ask Rian to check the camera. Guess what? I had charged the battery that week and forgot to put the battery back in. Rian had to race at the speed of light to the gift shop and buy a disposable camera! I was in the operating room at 12:58 getting my epidural. Rian came in at 1:10 and Collin was born at 1:22 and Casey at 1:23!



Cameron taking a picture of the babies. We still haven’t convinced him to be actually be in the pictures with his brothers quite yet.

I guess we will be buying a car when these guys turn 16!

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Meals for Bed Rest

As prepared by Rian.

Turkey sandwich, cheddar kettle chips, apples and peanut butter.

Patty melt, Funyuns and a Coke (picture taken after half my sandwich was eaten)!

Rian serves me all of my meals on a pink tray in my bed! I love him.

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Thoughts on Bed Rest

I did have to go on strict bed rest almost two weeks ago. I had another (third) pre-term labor scare. This one landed me in the hospital for two nights and three days. I had to take a LOT of meds to stop contractions and get steroid injections in case the babes did come early. This way their lungs, heart and brain would be protected. While in the hospital, I got an ultrasound from the perinatologist (the preemie doctor basically). There was a certain level of concern because the smaller baby boy didn’t have as much fluid around him as the bigger guy. Because of all these things adding up, I was put on strict bed rest. Staying in bed or my recliner most of the day, getting up to go to the bathroom, shower and walk around to make sure my circulation stays flowing.
We did get a follow-up this week and the fluid looked better, so the bed rest is working. But that doesn’t mean I get to go off of it anytime soon. I get checked every week from here on out.
But… There are definite plusses and minuses to bed rest. Here they are:
1. It isn’t as fun as it sounds. Everyone says “oh you get to watch tv all day and stay in bed!”. It’s good for about two days and then you have to practically beg your husband to drive you somewhere so you can get a view of the outside world that isn’t from your bedroom window. Also, there are many hours during the day that there is nothing on tv. I have to rely on DVR during those times. I am starting to run low.
2. You are alone a lot. Rian goes to work, Cameron goes to my Mom and Dad’s and to preschool (just started this week at our church). He wasn’t going to start until fall, but they found out our situation and bumped him in! I do have a permanent little heating pad with my dog Nelly, she WILL NOT leave my side.
3. You gain weight faster. I have been very good about my weight gain, but the past two weeks I have gained a lot more. No where to go to burn it off I guess!
4. If you push it too hard one day, you are out of commission for almost two days after that. By pushing it too hard I mean, going to the doctor and dropping Cameron off at school. Tonight I am out of commission. I do not even have enough energy to go downstairs and get Cameron a glass of water.
5. You realize how valuable your husband and mom are. They have done everything for me. Everything. If I asked them to wipe me, they would. Of course they would tease me about it, but they would.
6. Cameron gives me a lot more kisses and hugs. I love it.
7. Rian got me a new iPhone. I play “Words with Friends” all day with about 10 different friends, family members and old students. That helps keep my brain going!
8. Texting is different than calling (ie. Communicating). Now most of you know I love a good text conversation. But…when you are scared and emotional and worried almost every time you stand up that your water might break, an actual phone call once in a while means a lot more than a text. Also, you can text me a thousand times that “I can call for anything.” But the ones that mean the most are the “down to business texts and calls.” For example, my mom called and said, “I am coming over to clean the bathrooms today, unlock your door.”. Or Whitney called and said, “I am going to bring you Noodles for lunch. What do you want?”. That means more because I don’t have to think about it and it takes the pressure off.
9. Bed rest is a more serious situation than many people think. Read up on it before you say to me some asinine comments about it being fun and that myself and the babies are so big that if they did come now, they would be fine. Yeah, fine. After weeks in the NICU because even though they are big, they aren’t fully developed. I do not want babies in a NICU if I can avoid it. You shouldn’t either, because you won’t get to see them for a long time.
Can you tell I had a bad day?
There is an end in sight. The babies will be here April 27th as long as the amniocentesis on the 26th shows that their lungs are mature. This means they will be delivered at 36 weeks and 2 days which makes me nervous, but I trust my doctor and the perinatologist whole heartedly.
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Cameron and the Pirates

There is a new show on Disney called “Jake and the Pirates” and Cameron loves it! Cameron wanted a pirate headband just like Jake, so I rounded one up for him (recognize it Vegas peeps?).

We could only find a pink one for Noah to wear. Don’t worry though. Since then, they have both acquired new camouflage pirate “headbands”.

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Bed Rest at the Zoo

This is what being on mandatory bed rest looks like when “you can’t take not going to the zoo.”

Rian got me a wheelchair and pushed me all over the zoo. My parents and nephew went and they got to ride in the wagon. I got plenty of stares and only two nice comments. Oh well.