1 Month Old

(This post is a couple weeks late, but the pics were taken on their month birthday!)


Some facts and thoughts about 1 Month old Casey:

  • He is very laid back. I like to call him “Free Bird” because he is just so calm and easy going.
  • He likes to lay down on his own rather than be held. We were at a party and people were passing him around and he started fussing a lot. After I got him back, I just laid him down on the couch and he was as happy as a clam.
  • He can sleep through anything. This means he can sleep through his Collin and Cameron screaming and crying and our dogs barking.
  • He cry giggles. When he “cries” it usually starts out as this tiny little whimper that sounds like “huh huh huh.” That is usually the extent of his crying.
  • He likes to stay up late. He is like his Mommy in this area. We would MUCH rather sleep in and stay up late.
  • He usually stays awake after he eats for a little while.
  • He usually gets us with pee and poop. That stuff can fly!
  • He has much chubbier cheeks than Collin, that is how we tell people how to tell them apart.
  • Nicknames – FreeBird, Meatball, Whopper Jr., 40 ounce, Tub-o-Lub, Casey-Case (this one is the favorite).

Some thoughts and facts about 1 month old Collin:

  • When it is time to eat, it is time eat. No dilly dallying with this kid.
  • He still is on oxygen. Hopefully he will be getting off sometime this week. He really only needs it in the car at this point because of how the car seat angle constricts his lungs.
  • We thought he was a real grump, turns out he just hates having stuff shoved up his nose. We weren’t driving anywhere for a few days, so we took his oxygen off. He was a new man! NO FUSSING! Put the oxygen back in…fussing. Poor babe. I don’t like things in my nose either.
  • He’s his own man. We have no idea who he really looks like. Everyone else has an opinion, but Rian and I are undecided.
  • He has my coloring I think. More olive as compared to Rian’s pasty white skin.
  • He has huge hands and feet. You know what they say about big hands? It applies in this situation :-)
  • He’s the puker. While it is not very often, he’ll get you with a TON right when you don’t expect it.
  • Nicknames – Handsome, Collin-Collin (what we came up with after we got Casey-Case)

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week was last week, and I missed it. But, Cameron and I made up or it this week to his teacher, Miss Liz. A few times a student or parent has remembered this week and I got a few nice notes and small gifts. I vowed that when I had kids that went to school, I would do this every year!

Here is what we did:

1. I went to Home Depot and made a little pot of flowers for her. Nothing major, but it was pretty. I forgot to take a picture.

2. I asked Cameron what he liked about Miss Liz and then I wrote this on Cameron’s own stationery. I wrote it upside down and with my left hand (I’m right-handed) to make it look as childish as possible.

3. Cameron delivered it and posed for a picture with Miss Liz!

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