iPhone Friday 4

Me holding Whitney’s new baby! Braelyn Grace was born this morning!

Collin and Casey holding hands in their crib.

Collin with his hat. He looks like he is doing the west side sign.

Lindsay and Cameron are ready for the zoo!

Babies ready to go to the park. Collin in front, Casey in back.

Father’s Day at Sam’s #3.

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iPhone Friday #3

I know it is a bad pic, but it’s Noah holding Collin for the first time! He was so proud of himself and grinned the entire time.

Cameron excited to be heading back home.

At a rest stop in Iowa. They are looking for animals down by the creek behind the stop.

Intensely watching a movie.

“It’s not a pick!”

Collin holding his head up. He is such a strong boy!

Casey giving Collin his best left blow.

Cameron was so worn out from our trip. He fell asleep at school during lunch. His teacher said they were eating lunch and she looked over and his head was in the table and he was out. So she moved him to the reading corner where he slept until I got there. When we got home he took a 3 hour nap!

The babes sleeping together for the first time in their crib. Isn’t Casey’s arms funny?

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IPhone Friday #2

At the People’s Fair last Sunday. Tiger face to match the tiger shirt. He growled at everyone who passed him by.

In Omaha at Old Chicago’s waiting for our pizza from the world’s worst waitress.

Lindsay enjoying her very first Culver’s Butter Burger. She ate like she has never ate before.

At a park in Omaha. Cameron played while we fed the babies.

At the park still!

A lovely dump pick up service in Omaha. Lindsay used this service a lot in Omaha.

Got my hair done! Woohoo!!!

iPhone Friday

(This was supposed to be posted yesterday, sorry!)

I thought it would be cool to post the latest pics from my iPhone every Friday so you could see cute babies and random stuff I take pictures of during the week.

Sorry, no rotating feature on my phone. Collin only needed to wear oxygen in the car, so Rian rigged up this system of using the sweat band to hold it on instead of putting the stickers on and off every time. It worked pretty well, but we don’t need it anymore. Collin got off his oxygen Wednesday!

The best picture I could get of Cameron holding Casey for the first time. Notice Casey is wearing my favorite outfit “You’re No Match For My Mom”

Casey thinking about smiling.

Collin grinning!

Cameron and I on a golf cart ride at my parents house.

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Spring Sing!

At Cameron’s preschool they put on a little singing program at the end of the school year that coincides with the older kids “graduating” from preschool. I think that I was more excited for this than Cameron was…I ended up making “Cameron’s Special Day” to go along with the Spring Sing. He hasn’t been getting too much individualized attention lately, so I thought this would be a good chance. My parents, Rian’s mom, brother and sister-in-law came and then we went to a BIG SPECIAL DINNER at Olive Garden afterwards. Cameron loved every minute of it!

Cameron and Mommy before the Spring Sing.
What Cameron did during most of the Spring Sing. He stood there and gave dirty looks to people or made funny faces with his eyes. This was before he spotted me.
After he spotted me, he got into Humpty Dumpty for a few verses.

Cameron’s best friend at school, Sophia! They love each other.
Our special guy!