It’s True…

We are going to Omaha!

As many of you know, our family has been on the “we are moving – we aren’t moving” train for a while.  We are tired of the ride.  After a lot of soul searching, debating, pros and cons, sad tears, happy tears and more soul searching, we are moving to Omaha.

This past year has been full of joy and hardships for us.  The twins were born and because of that, Rian’s bosses took mercy on us and said we could try and figure out staying in Denver.  We tried VERY HARD.  We are tired.  I am tired because I am home with three kids by myself 4 out of 7 days every week.  Rian is tired because he is traveling 4 out of 7 days every week.

We are ready to be a family again.

We are moving to Omaha.  Or as Cameron refers to it:  Homaha

Come back and check the blog for updates on:

  • The twins and Cameron
  • Ways to make a rental house your own
  • Exploring Omaha and finding ways to spend our time TOGETHER!