Toy Box with Brian

My “brother from another mother” came to visit last weekend.  Brian grew up in our neighborhood.  He is younger than me, but we have always been close and seen eye-to-eye. He was my boy representative at our wedding and was a groomsman.

Rian, Brian and I at our wedding.  March 2006.

Rian, Brian and I at our wedding. March 2006.

He is Cameron’s Godfather, and we adore him.

Cameron and his Godfather.

Cameron and his Godfather. April 2009.

He “helped” Santa make our train table for Christmas.

Christmas train table.  Made by Brian...and Santa.

Christmas train table. Made by Brian…and Santa.

For Cam’s birthday, we had a new project in mind.  A giant toy box for Cameron’s room.  Brian wanted to come out to Omaha, so that Cameron could help build the toy box.  Also, Brian brought a real tool belt and tools as a gift to Cameron.  Cameron was potentially the happiest kid on the planet for about 48 hours.

Cam wearing his new tool belt.

Cam wearing his new tool belt.

Cam measuring anything he can with his new tape measure.

Cam measuring anything he can with his new tape measure.

Helping Brian unload the materials from the truck.

Helping Brian unload the materials from the truck.

Brian came with a plan for the toy box and already had measurements and a pretty solid plan.  It made it easy for Cam to help (and me too).

Cameron wore his hipster glasses for a while as his protective eye wear.  We did find goggles for him later.

Cameron wore his hipster glasses for a while as his protective eye wear. We did find goggles for him later.


It was a rainy weekend, but that didn’t stop us from building.


Measuring for a saw cut.


Extra scraps that Brian let Cameron practice hammer nails and use the screwdriver. Notice the concentration with the tongue.


We had some extra scraps, so Brian and Cam made a little bench for the twins.


Helping sand the toy box. Cam was SO excited to help with this particular process.


The finished TWIN BENCH! Now I just need to decide what color to paint it.

Here is what I would like the world to know about Brian.  He is the most generous and patient guy I know.  As I was watching Brian let Cameron help him build the toy box, I cried.  He let Cameron try any tool he wanted, he never started the saw without warning Cameron (so Cam could put on his goggles and cover his ears), he laughed at Cam’s jokes and told me over and over how awesome my kids are.  Wouldn’t you cry?  I felt like there should be a “really cute carpenter guy helps kids build things” show.  *Comment if you have a better title for my show.* So now Cam has an awesome toy box that still needs to be painted or stained (I am undecided), and has had an awesome experience with his Godfather.  Too awesome.


Handsome, smart, sweet fellas. Love it.

Dream big!  Say yes. Stick together.  Laugh.

Our 1st Dinner Outside

We had a VERY long winter here, and have had some uncommonly weird weekend weather as well.  Finally, last week, we got to eat outside.  The kids loved it!  We didn’t pick the easiest meal in the world, but when you are eating outside, who cares?!


Boom Loves Spaghetti

Boom loves spaghetti.


Daddy and Boom.


Cameron slurping.


Collin shoveling it in.


Group shot.

Core Values: Say yes, laugh.

Cameron the Friend

Cameron is such a cool friend.

I guess that is something I never expected from parenthood.  Seeing your child grow up to be a funny, kind and compassionate little friend to other kids.  It warms my heart.

Here in Omaha, we have been hard pressed for friends (more on that later).  We did finally make some though, and they were the best kind you could make.  Fun, they like kids (they have four boys) and they are happy.  We like that.  We like them.  The bad news?  They are a military family.  It’s hard.  We have known they were moving since February.  I debated whether or not to go in “full friend ahead” for myself and Cameron because I knew they were moving and that it would be hard on me and maybe Cameron.

However, I ALWAYS want a friend and all of my greatest friends don’t live anywhere near me.  So, we went “full friend ahead”.

Last week they moved.  I cried about 10 times.  On our very last playtime together (at the pool!), I just watched Cameron and how sweet and kind he is.  He is concerned if his friend might have scraped his foot on the pool.  He waits for his friend because he wants to go in the lazy river with him.  He made me ask his Mommy what his favorite color was.  Why?  Because Christopher doesn’t have a Kiki and Cameron thinks all kids should have one.  So I had to ask for the favorite color, because Cam has decided I am making him one!

Cam has been tougher through the move than me, but he has had a few moments of missing Christopher.  Breaks my heart, every time.  Christopher’s Mom and I already have plans to meet up next summer hopefully, and now I just need to get them to Skype us on the regular and we’ll all be just fine.

Being goofs at the pool - May 2013

Being goofs at the pool – May 2013

Wiing it up! - March 2013

Wiing it up! – March 2013

Also, I am going to try and relate many of my posts back to our “Kearney Core Values”.  It makes me feel good. 

Open your heart.  Say yes.