Kearneyville Kiki’s – Custom for Kai

My friend that I met freshman year in college, Kai, is having a baby!  Baby Avery is due mid-August.

I used a traditional shell pattern in a beautiful multi-colored, very girly, yarn with a ruffled border.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





Yarn:  Lion Brand – Baby Soft in Circus Print

Crochet Hook Size:  J

If you are interested in a custom Kiki, email me and we’ll chat!


I make no bones about it. I miss Colorado. A lot.

Also, did you know I have a super successful, former student who is on the professional speaking circuit and has beat cancer 7 times? Woody Roseland. Google him. Or look at this or this.  Oh, and did I tell you he is a blogger for the Huffington Post?  He is.  Look here.

What do you get when you mix Colorado and Woody?

This video. It makes my heart sing. It makes me cry. It makes me want to be a better person.

While I am very proud of many, many former students, this just takes it to a whole different level.


Core Values:  All of them…All of them

Cam’s Art Party – Decorations and Food

I like to throw ginormous parties for my kids birthdays.  I love it.  I hope that someday they will look at the pictures and say “Wow!  My Mommy loved me like crazy!”

Cameron’s 5th birthday was no exception.  I gave him a bunch of different options:  ninja turtles, water, super heroes, etc, and he chose my favorite!


Here is the invitation I ordered from Paper Finch Design on ETSY.


They turned out great, and put me in motion for our art party decorations and food. As per usual, I handed my camera off during the party because I was so busy, and got some great shots, but forgot to get detail shots of the art display by the kitchen table and all of the banners that I worked on above the kitchen table.  So you are just going to have to trust me that they turned out colorful and cute.

Without further ado, the decorations and food!



The banners we spent hours working on.  I used paint chip samples, my favorite go to for banners because of all the color options and the thick card stock they print them on.  We hung them above the kitchen table and on the front door.



The one picture I got of the art wall for Cameron.  I used some ombre paint chip art I had.  A rainbow wall quote and made a “Happy Birthday Cameron” banner.  He loved it, and we left it up for two weeks until his real birthday.






The whole spread before we set out Cameron’s requested menu:  Pizza and chips.


Cameron wanted cupcakes for his birthday.  These are actually from Target and they were cheap!  I loved having the variety because kids got to pick vanilla or chocolate in their favorite color.



They were selling these at Costco that morning, and I had to have them.  When I walked in with them, Cameron exclaimed “You bought flowers for me?  Thanks Mom!”  So cute.  Even boys like getting flowers.



I used the toy box that Brian and Cameron had made to display presents.  It looked awesome and it was a perfect perch for Cameron to sit on while opening presents.  (Party hint:  I always open presents after everyone leaves.  This leaves no room for bad behavior by Cameron “I already have this” or by other kids “I’ll open it for you”.)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStay tuned for the art projects we did at Cam’s birthday!


Core Values:  Dream Big, Open Your Heart

Throwback Thursday – July 4th, 2008


Five years ago today, we were home with Cameron.  Fourth of July is BY FAR my favorite holiday, so I had plenty of outfits planned for him.  I think we changed his outfit 4 or 5 times.


4th of July (9)

My Dad, Grandma, Me and Cam. Cam in the USA basketball jersey.

4th of July (1)

Mommy’s Little Firecracker! (Thanks Elaine!)

4th of July (11)

The stars tank top.

4th of July (13)

Preppy 4th.

4th of July (6)

Nana and a better look at the USA jersey.

Favorites – June 2013

Every month we are going to post a list of “Our Favorite Things”.  All different kinds of things.  Products, TV Shows, People, Apps, etc. 

1.  So You Think You Can Dance – It’s back!  Returning for its 10th season, and just getting better.  Haven’t watched it?  10 guys and 10 girls compete in different dance styles every week for America’s vote.  Whittling away to one dancer.  Don’t think you like to watch dancing?  Give it a shot.  Hopefully you will see a “NappyTabs” lyrical/hip hop routine.  You’ll love it.  The best part of this season, Twitch was judging in Vegas and I adore him.  Check out my favorite dance ever, by Twitch (and choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha)!

2.  “A Beautiful Mess” App – It is really an extra app for Instagram and it is awesome.  It costs $0.99 and comes with awesome doodles, fonts and borders.  You can, of course, buy extra doodles, fonts and borders to add.  I love how it just adds that perfect little something to your photos.

IMG_6265 IMG_6271

3.  Papillion Parks and Rec Department – We live in an awesome town/suburb.  The Parks and Rec department knocks it out of the park.  They offer so many things for Cameron and our family to get involved with.  It’s awesome.  Currently, Cam is in the Little Rookie Baseball Camp and the Butterflies Day Camp.  The staff is awesome and they are very good to Cameron…and to me when I tell on the “coach” who is helping the kids run bases while smoking away.  I mean, smoking?  At a baseball camp for 4 and 5 year olds?  Grow up buddy.  I told on him.  I am not ashamed.

4.  Instagram Video – It should speak for itself.  15 seconds of pure awesomeness.  Like this:

Lastly, a big shout out to Lindley.  A conversation we had 10 years ago:

L: Do you watch SYTYCD?

J: No. What is that?

L: Jigga wha’?  You have to watch it!

I forever owe my love of SYTYCD to Lindley.  Thanks buddy.

Core Value:  Have a voice.