Project Life – Newborn Book for Lucy

I made my newest niece a little book for all of her newborn photos.  The hospital where she was born really has a spectacular photographer and I wanted to make a little keepsake for Lucy and her parents.

I used a hot pink album, with the Baby for Her Mini Kit.  I kept it very simple, mainly just to show off the photos.  I used my “I Love” stamp by Elise Joy because it worked perfect with “I Love Lucy!”  So cute.  I used it throughout the book saying people in her life who she will grow to love (and those people love her now).  Towards the end of the album, I left blank spots for Lucy’s monthly photos.  My sis-in-law can just slide them right in and be done.  Or, she could add monthly likes/dislikes, stats, or anything she wants.  It looks pretty with nothing, but there is space for something.  I love how it turned out!

All Project Life products I used can be found HERE.  Elise Joy stamps HERE.

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10 Things Right Now – Collin

1.  You are saying full sentences!  We went through a period of time where you weren’t saying anything and we were a little worried you were behind on your speech.  But all of the sudden, it’s sentences!  You said to me yesterday “Mommy, I want a sucker.”  Yeah buddy!

2.  Poor buddy had shingles in September, and still has some of the shingles “scar”.  You had a rough fall.  Fell victim to a pretty bad cough/cold at the end of August and it was all she wrote.  You have basically caught every cold and sickness to the fullest extent.  Including shingles.  It was very painful for you, as you wouldn’t let us take your shirt off, because even the brush of fabric on the rash would hurt.  While all the bumps and gross part of the rash is gone, we can still see red marks in some places where you had the rash.  I still need to ask the doctor if this makes you more prone to shingles growing up or when you are older.  Do I need to get you the shingles vaccine?  This is so rare for many kids because you did get the chicken pox vaccine, but still got the actual chicken pox about a month later.

3. You are a great napper.  The best of the bunch at this point.  I think if you didn’t share a room with Casey, you would sleep even longer, but, you like to share.

4.  You have a stellar memory.  You know the route we take to school, where your favorite car wash is, the best milkshake joints around town, you read books with me now (Hug Time and Goodnight Moon), you can sing “You Are My Sunshine” with me.  Your voice is like an angel.

5.  You LOVE to play with Cameron.  These two have a love fest going on.  It’s adorable.

6.  You have started to take more risks.  While we don’t really want you jumping off of things or doing anything dangerous, we want you jumping off things and doing dangerous things!  You still go to physical therapy once a month to help with things you were a little behind on, and when we see you taking more risks, to us, it means this PT is paying off!  You are not as rigid and scared to do things anymore, and that makes us so proud!

7.  You are stubborn.  We went to the Safari here in Omaha, and the speed limit is 5 mph.  This is to allow children to get out of their seats and be able to see the animals that are within arms reach of your car.  So Rian let all the boys “drive” on his lap for a bit.  Basically, they held the wheel and Rian guided it at the bottom.  But not Collie!  You didn’t want Rian anywhere near the wheel and would yell and cry any time Rian even tried to help.  I love and hate your stubbornness.

8.  You this really cute thing with Rian (and now me!) at night.  Rian says “Collie, guess what? I love you.”  Then you say it back.  This could go on for 10 minutes.  Now you say it to all of us.  So cute.  The other night I could hear you saying it to Casey over the monitor.

9.  You inflect your voice in the cutest way.  I keep trying to get video and I just haven’t been able to catch it yet.  I’ll try to explain:  When most people say “Where are you?” they inflect their voice on the “are”.  You inflect yours on the “you”.  So it ends up sounding like “Where are Yo-ou?”  You also do this when you says “I love you.”  Adorable.

10.  You love playing with water.  In the sink, doing the dishes, playing with drinking cups.  You spill a lot.  It drives your Daddy INSANE.

IMG_9034 IMG_9035 IMG_9036 IMG_9037 IMG_9038 IMG_9039

We love you Collie Bear!

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