Baby K!

Nope! Not me having a baby this time, but my brother and sister-in-law are! Enjoy this first post by Kristi, I’m so excited for another new niece or nephew!

Bumpin’ for the First Time – First Trimester


Brett and Kristi sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love….then comes marriage…..then comes morning sickness….then comes bizarre and vivid dreams….then comes sore boobs and constipation….THEN comes a baby in a baby carriage. That’s how this this limerick should go. They conveniently left out the hardest part, SURVIVIING THE PREGNANCY! I’m not sure if it’s because we’re taught as little girls that when you grow up you’ll get pregnant and then POOF, you have a baby (as if no effort is involved). Or maybe I’ve just been blissfully naive to the strong women in my life who have also trudged through the early stages of pregnancy without complaint. I couldn’t appreciate it until now.

So let’s talk about some of these symptoms that nobody really broadcasts because they are so embarrassing and uncomfortable. Weird dreams, excess discharge (yuk!), headaches, sore boobs, saliva, tons of saliva, CONSTIPATION….. those are manageable, right? Let’s add a couple more. Fatigue. Such a peaceful word. Not when you’re propping your eyes open at your desk or rolling down your windows in traffic to try to stay focused. How about morning sickness? Now we’re gettin’ to the good part….. that sick feeling you have ALL day long, knowing that you may not be able to hold back puking, but you still must carry on with your normal day. So, you decide to stuff plastic Target bags (which you now have to pay for in California BTW) into every nook and cranny that you come into regular contact with because it actually relieves your nausea a little to know that it won’t happen all down your work clothes. All of the side effects take a backseat however, to the emotional toll. When you’ve been through a miscarriage, visits to the doctor can bring anxiety. Waiting and praying for a sustainable pregnancy, and having those prayers answered, was an emotional roller coaster that no one could prepare us for. So despite all the obstacles, we’re beyond grateful.

Ok, it’s not all bad in early pregnancy…. You get that excitement of seeing one of those sticks you have been peeing on for years actually work! Accompanied by that smile you can’t take off your face. And that feeling of butterflies and racing of your heart when you get to tell your biggest fan (baby daddy) that you guys get to go on this awesome journey together! You get to see adorable babies on TV and in advertisements and day dream that your baby will be that cute (even though he/she will always seem that cute to you). And through the hardest time of the first trimester, when all you want to do is lay down on the couch, even though that doesn’t give you true relief, you get to hear other mothers cheer you on “hang in there, it will get better almost magically in the second trimester”.

Managing the roller coaster of the first trimester is all worth it, right? This is a statement I know in my heart to be true…. And something I remind myself of daily.

One thought on “Baby K!

  1. Squeeeee! Firstly, wicked excited that you get to experience what the hype is about (good and bad).
    Secondly, your post made me giggle. All I could think was “wonder if someone has told her about second trimester being great yet”. They have. And I offer no further comment on that.
    Thirdly, can’t wait to hear more, ESPECIALLY the stuff you couldn’t actually say out loud. That’s good reading right there.

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